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John grew up in South Mississippi, left for the military life for a few years, then decided to return home to driving distance from Walt Disney World, where he and his wife leave their hearts at least once a year (until the move to Celebration can be made, anyway). A former specialist in nuclear weapons, current specialist in web development, and aficionado of hot-air balloons, Harleys, multiplayer online game development, and the trombone, John keeps all things Disney close to his heart and always in mind no matter the situation. Just ask his Harley friends about the Disney World sweatshirt and Mickey watch he wears on the road….

At the recent E3 2011 Expo, Microsoft confirmed the upcoming release of Disneyland Adventures, an Xbox 360 + Kinect title that meticulously recreates the Disneyland Park experience in your own living room.  Now I have to go buy an Xbox 360 + Kinect….

As the preview beautifully demonstrates, the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim has been painstakingly rendered in a game that allows you to explore the park itself, meet (and cuddle) various beloved Disney characters, play a number of mini-games, and generally find a remarkably Disney-esque experience in the convenience (and affordability) of your home.

The game is currently under development by Frontier Developments, who is also responsible for the Kinectimals title. The motion control aspects of the game (without controllers of any kind, of course) are what make it particularly exciting for kids and kids at heart.

Movement throughout the park will be accomplished by pointing where you want to go. When Goofy approaches you on screen, you can actually hug him. The mini-games — these replace the actual rides and attractions — will have you miming a variety of activities. On Pirates of the Caribbean, for instance, you’ll stand on a wooden raft, careening across the water, and steering by “rowing” or batting away bombs thrown by the wily pirates.

Another fun activity will be seeking out Hidden Mickeys throughout the park, an example of the game’s focus on exploration.

No release date is yet known for the title, but one source listed fourth quarter 2011. We’ll be keeping an eye open for the release announcement, and you can bet I’ll be reviewing the title when it hits store shelves!

Certainly there is much to be excited about in a title like this. For one who has longed for an “authentic” parks experience at home, I cannot wait!

Contributed by: John DeLancey (NDH#48).  John is the Technology and Gaming Blogger.

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