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Shalon was born and raised in West Virginia. Because she was so far away from the magic she only was able to visit the Magic Kingdom once as a child. Her love of Disney grew through movies and the Disney Channel. After college she relocated to Melbourne Florida almost by accident for her career. Knowing that she was only 1.5 hours away from Disney was exciting and within a few months she became a pass holder. After several years of visiting once a month she relocated to Orlando to be closer to the magic. Being so close to the magic has allowed Shalon to meet so many wonderful Disney enthusiasts like herself during her weekly trips to the World. Because of her love and knowledge of Disney Shalon receives phone calls and emails frequently from friends and family seeking advice on planning upcoming trips to Walt Disney World. She hopes to continue to share the magic and wonderment of Disney with people for years to come.

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Many people dream of traveling the world and experiencing other cultures, but most never get the chance.  Luckily, Epcot has brought many of the world’s cultures state side where
they can be experienced by those who may never travel abroad.  One of the more “exotic” countries represented in the World Showcase is Morocco.  From the beautiful architecture to the palette enticing food, Morocco tends to leave quite an impression on park guests.  Like many of the countries in Epcot, there is also some great live entertainment located within the pavilion.
Every day, on a stage that is situated along the World Showcase promenade, guests can get a taste of traditional and contemporary Moroccan music and dance.  The group Mo’Rockin
is a 6 person group that blends Middle Eastern, African, Spanish and American music into what is a more contemporary vibe of rhythmic songs that can be heard throughout the country.  Amir Ali formed the group in 1998 and they have been performing in Epcot ever since.  The group uses a mix of traditional and contemporary instruments such as a Zendrum and an Oud during their performances.  The Zendrum is a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) that is primarily used as a percussion instrument but can play many sounds like a keyboard and is held similar to a guitar.  The Oud is a pear shaped stringed instrument that’s been around for thousands of years.

In addition to the great music Mo’Rockin plays, they also have a traditional belly dancer performing with them on most days.  After watching the belly dancer you will have more of appreciation for this type of dance/art form.  It really is a lot harder than it looks, especially when some songs can go on for ten minutes at a time.  Belly dancers can also be seen daily inside the full service Restaurant, Marrakesh.  There is always some open space in front of the stage, and many times during shows the belly dancer will invite women of all ages to join in if they so desire.

Mo’Rockin performs, on average, 6 shows per day that are approximately 20 minutes long.  Next time you find yourself strolling the World Showcase promenade, make sure to grab a
times guide to see when the next show is and grab yourself a spot for an unforgettable, energetic show.  Also, if you really enjoy their music, Mo’Rockin’s music can be purchased online through Amazon.



Contributed by: Shalon Given (NDI#167) Shalon is the DDL Music Blogger.

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