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Katie grew up on all things Disney. When she met her future husband she knew that converting him into a disney fan was a must! After a few WDW vacations, Disney history lessons, and lots of Disney peer pressure, she finally had her prince charming loving all things Disney as well. After getting engaged in 2008 on a carriage ride through Fort Wilderness, Katie threw out the idea of getting married in the place where they shared their happiest memories. Two years of planning, and a whole bunch of Disney magic later, they had the most amazing Disney wedding on October 2nd, 2010. Now living at home in New England, Katie keeps the Disney romance alive in her home and is constantly planning romantic vacations to the world. She has her own personal blog www.makingmyfairytale.blogspot.com and is thoroughly excited to start writing for the Disney Driven Life.


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As neurotic Disney fans, we all understand how important it is to us to bring the mouse into our lives at home. It makes us happy, brings magic to every day life, and helps with those withdrawals in between trips. But how would a couple incorporate Disney into an at home wedding? I just had to find out! I contacted a fellow Disney fan who I knew was right in the thick of her at home Disney wedding plans. She was kind enough to take time out of her day to let me interview her.

ME: What made you decide to bring Disney into your at home wedding?

Jenifer : When it came time to start planning our wedding I had definitely brought up the idea of having a Disney wedding with my fiance, David. He was totally fine with it, especially since we had gone to Disney for our first ‘real’ vacation as a couple. We then discussed this idea with our parents. Mine saw it coming, of course, but told me to realize that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to make it due to pricing and ‘age’ haha. Honestly, my main concern was to have my parents there, my brother, my godparents and my grandmother. Everybody else didn’t matter. David, on the other hand, has a relatively SMALL family. But his mother immediately declined the idea stating that she wouldn’t be able to make it down there because of the money and her ‘health’ issues (but that’s a whole nother story). So, we then decided to bring the magic of Disney to us, since we couldn’t go there. We’re not ones to settle for ‘no’ as an answer, so we knew we were going to find a way to bring the magic and whimsical-ness of Disney to New Jersey!

ME : How are you going to incorporate Disney elements into your at home wedding?

Jenifer : There are a few ways we plan on incorporating Disney elements into our wedding. We aren’t fully into the planning process yet, but I have plenty of ideas! One thing we are definitely involving throughout the wedding are hidden Mickey’s. Our monograms have hidden Mickeys, along with all of our stationary (invitations, save the dates, favors, menus), floral will involve various hidden Mickeys as well. I plan on having a few Mickey charms hanging from my bouquet and want to arrange some flowers in the centerpieces to appear as Mickey’s! I also plan on putting crystal hidden Mickey’s on my wedding gown and veil.

We also want our reception to have a very whimsical feel to it. We plan on incorporating all sorts of lighting to do so and of course, PIXIE DUST! Our table names are going to incorporate Disney couples. We were trying to find a Mickey and Minnie to come visit our wedding! But trying to find a LEGIT Mickey and Minnie in New Jersey is EXTREMELY hard.

I also plan on using instrumental Disney songs during our cocktail hour and dinner at our reception. I really want to use them for when I walk down the aisle and such, but I’m not sure how my mother feels about that.

Our cake and cake topper will also be Mickey & Minnie related of course!

ME : How does your Fiance feel about incorporating Disney into the wedding?


Photo Credit: Jenifer Marie

Jenifer : At first, I was scared to mention bringing Disney into our wedding.. but once I did David was all for it! I’ve turned him into somewhat of a Disney-geek! ha. Ever since our first trip I have him completely hooked! He didn’t see a wedding for us WITHOUT Disney of some sort.

ME : What are you planning for your Disneymoon?

Jenifer : Originally we were planning on going to Disney for our honeymoon but because of prices and such we had decided to hold off. We actually plan on going to Disney for our 1 year wedding anniversary and renewing our vows in a really intimate, small, ceremony. But my father actually surprised me a month or so ago and said we will be going to Disney in November of 2012 to celebrate our wedding and my parents’ anniversaries! I’m hoping he sticks to what he says and that this all really comes true! Once I’m booked.. planning is going ahead in full force!


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