The scene is poignant.  An older man, a hard worker, in a room lit by candlelight, gently snuggled with a small cat, kneels down and looks toward heaven.   He desires something created, something that embodies love, something real.  The Blue Fairy, in all her wisdom, flies down and proclaims that his own wooden puppet would become a real boy once he embraced certain valuable human characteristics: to be a good boy.  She also mentions truth.

{remember this- it’s a theme and stuff}

A girl works diligently in her home.  A place of safekeeping, where she is given food, shelter, clothing.  She does what she is told, and has time to read and to play with her really awesome Chameleon.  There is obviously something spectacular within her, because she creates amazing art all over the walls, which confine her.  Despite having a multitude of creature comforts, her heart is elsewhere and a feeling of discontent will never leave her side.  Somehow she knows deep within her that this is not a life she is intended to live.

How many times do these scenes take place in any given night?  What about in our own homes?  How often have we looked toward heaven and asked for truth?  Asked, “When will my life begin?”

Mom. Husband.  Wife.  Dad.  Businessman.  Teacher.  Clergy.  Attorney.

These are all labels.  They tell a little about who we are, however, society wants to define us with these terms.  Moms are supposed to bake cupcakes and throw parties.  They should always have a clean house and be presentable.  Their kids should be well mannered and reading by the age of 5.  They should sew and cook and do crafts and be PTA president.

But what if they aren’t all those things?

{let’s get real here- who could possibly be all these things?}

We live in a world of round holes and I’m willing to bet we have an awful lot of square (triangle, oval, diamond) pegs out there.  Trying to fit in and be something we are not is an unhealthy and stifling way to live!

It will have us looking in the mirror asking, “Who is this girl I see staring straight back at me?”

{or boy- Hey, Mulan was both for awhile}

I have to confess; asking this question is a good start.  Welcoming the answer to the question is the next step and, I’m afraid, not as simple.  In order to achieve real you must stop doing only the things others expect you to do, and instead, live a life that speaks to your soul!  You must accept the things about yourself you’ve tried so hard to cover up and change…but shouldn’t.  Let’s face it, if you are living a Disney Driven Lifestyle then you have already invested a lot of yourself in non-convention.  Why not go all out?  What?  Are you scared?


Creating yourself into who you are meant to be is scary on so many levels.  The birth of an idea, a painting, a website…a spirit- all surprisingly parallel to the birth of a life- will consist of certain aching.  Affliction generates truth in the same way that tragedy helps you see what is truly important in life.  Just as a life-threatening illness causes you to recognize what is most important to you- family, friends, love; the inner ache of sincerity will instigate you to treasure your authentic self.

{Let’s read that again slowly}

The inner ache of sincerity will instigate you to treasure your authentic self.

We’ve all felt that inner ache, haven’t we?  It isn’t only for long-haired, lizard-loving, tower-trapped girls and Italian wood working men.  Incorporating yourself and all your quirks and uniqueness won’t be easy, but you have to do it.  Van Gogh had to paint.  Charles Dickens had to write.  Walt Disney had to build (thank Heaven!), and said, “Disneyland is a work of love.  We didn’t go into Disneyland just with the idea of making money.”

The difference between “them” and “us” is the acceptance that this is the way it needs to be, despite the world saying “Oh no you won’t!”  Once we close our ears to the sound of that “round hole” we find that there really is no choice.  I’m a triangle, gosh darn-it.

Our authentic selves may not be as world changing as Walt Disney; but they will be life changing.  In the end, all that matters is that you lived a life of sincerity.  As for the “world changing” thing, well, you never know until you try.

So, to quote the Greek Goddess, Nike, “Just do it!” (Ok, I may be a little iffy on my history)


When will your life begin?



Contributed by: Ami B. (NDM#381) Ami is the DDL Ethics and Marriage Blogger. She is also the creator of Disney Park Goddess.

8 thoughts on “HIDDEN TREASURE

  1. Ami, this is without a doubt my favorite post that has ever appeared on the ddl to date. Thank you so much for putting down into words something that I so very much have needed to hear.  I think you read my soul.

  2. I LOVE this post, Ami!!! My whole world as I know it has been upside down for the last year since our huge move across the country!! Needed this reminder!!

  3. I am so overwhelmed by the response!  Thank you so much, J.L.!  I think I needed to write this as much as you may have needed to hear it.  Thank you for the opportunity you gave me!

  4. Thank you so much!  I think “uncertainties” can sometimes be the best lead in to obviously answered prayers.  They are always so full of learning opportunities.  I am so thrilled my post spoke to you!

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