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As you may recall, last week, I wrote about renting DVC points from individuals.  This is a great way to help you save money, help out the DVC owner who cannot use the points and get to see these great accommodations at a fraction of the price.  However, many of you have expressed your concern about the fact that you have no direct control over the DVC rentals and that there are many people who have paid for the points rentals only to get to Disney and discover that the accommodations were never booked!  They also are not able to locate the “DVC owner”.

So, to help out on the problem, you may find that renting from a reputable DVC by resale company is the way to go.  There are several of these DVC rental companies in business now.  They help Disney vacationers find the rental points they need and reduce the stress from renting those points from an individual.  The companies have long reputations of happy customers and offer a line of customer service you will not find when renting directly through a DVC owner.

To find these companies, search online under “DVC Rental Companies”.  Several will be listed.  To find the company that is right for you consider the cost per point, the cost for a price quote (some charge I believe) and the reputation of the rental company.  The prices from these companies often are higher than those found when renting directly from a DVC owner but the peace of mind may jut well be worth it!


Contributed by: Natalie Henley (NDM#268) Natalie is the DDL Resort Blogger. She is also the creator of Meet the Magic.


  1. We rented points from a great DVC owner that I found on one of the forums. I checked several references and verified his ownership through the county. We had a great experience, but you do have to be really careful! This was a few years ago.

  2. Please help. Many years ago we rented through “bill knows disney” and I have since lost his contact information. Do you know how to get in touch with him? I have searched and searched but can not find him.

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