My obsession lately has been what’s next at Disney World— will we see more attractions announced at D23? What will Art of Animation look like when done? When can I eat at Gaston’s in the new Fantasy Land?

Well, since my specific Disney obsession of focus is the Disney Vacation Club I have to ask– when and where will we see the next DVC option at Disney World?!? Bay Lake Tower is close to selling out and Animal Kingdom and Saratoga Springs have maybe 1-2 years of inventory left, so they have got to start building something soon right?

We know the Aulani Resort will open soon and DVC just opened their model rooms to push sales.  We’ve heard all the rumors of a DVC component in the Disney Resort in Washington, DC— if it ever gets built!  And by now I am sure you know about the rumors of Grand Floridian or River Country DVC options at Disney World.

But my particular neurosis also involves dreaming up cool concepts for DVC… Well at least cool to me.

Like what about a DVC that centers around Fantasy Land?  Build it opposite Bay Lake Tower on the seven seas lagoon on the west side of Magic Kingdom.  Give it a regal styling complete with views of Cinderallas Castle.  In essence, the princess style rooms being pushed at Port Olreans, but only in the way DVC can do it and with not as much of a girl-centric feel to them.  Give the place a monorail stop.

Or what about the concept that has been rumored by Hollywood Studios and Coronado Springs– a California themed resort that has different sections focusing on the mountains, the beach, wine country and old Hollywood.  Complete with a fly over option to walk to Hollywood Studios.  That would be a great location and really help bolster the park.

Or what about expanding Polynesian to include a DVC option.  I absolutely love Poly, and really love the food options available to you.  Why not build that out further, like Wilderness Lodge or Animal Kingdom, to include some DVC rooms in the resort?  The tropical feel of the place really fits in with the high-end expectations of DVC Members.

I am sure I could sit here all night and come up with a hundred other ideas and concepts.  All I know is I want more options, not because I don’t like what we already have available to us, but because I want to try anything Disney is willing to put its name on.

What about you?  If you could dream up the perfect DVC Resort what would it be?


Contributed by: Rob Whitney (NDD#107) Rob is the DDL Disney Vacation Club Blogger. He is also the creator of Disney Family Man.


What do you think?

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