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Natalie grew up in Nashville, TN. Married with one son, she lives on a farm. As if this weren't enough to keep her on her toes, Natalie also works around the clock due to being self-employed . Natalie often travels to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, giving her a vast knowledge of the Disney Resorts which she shares in her posts on The Disney Driven Life. She loves the research on the resorts and appreciates input for these articles as well. In recent trips, Natalie has begun making a habit of meeting people while in the parks. This habit inspired her personal website, Meet the Magic, This site helps her connect to others as well as hold space for Disney fans to post information about their Disney related sites. Her goal with this venture is to help people to "Meet the Magic" of their choice.

I have long since had a “Disney Problem,” some might say.  Once I was out of college and realized that I could afford to visit Disney World whenever I had enough available money to do so, I was a flight risk!  My mom and I were always planning our next vacation to Disney.  Sometimes we traveled just the two of us and sometimes we traveled with my sisters.  We were able to split the room and (most) food costs so it typically did not cost us a fortune.

After the birth of my son, I began to wonder about the fact that when traveling with my sister, we already hit our Value Resort’s room capacity and began to fret as to whether I would need to purchase my own room separate from theirs.  I knew that my son would want to spend his time with them and not just with me.   Though I knew there were adjoining rooms options, I still preferred to be in a room with them so all of us could also save some extra money.

Not be be discouraged, my son decided to take matters in his own hand and fashion a bed as follows:

My son's new bed...

Ok, I am just kidding.  He is a crazy little guy and thought it would be so funny to fit into the drawer.  But what I did instead was find that Disney allows parents a FREE pack-n-play (I call it a play pen but I think that makes me “old”.) for the parents to use as a bed for the child during their entire length of stay.  They also allow 4 adults and 1 child ages 3 and under per room.

Pack n Play Nap

Well, it was at least a solution in those days.  Now that he is 5, we may have to take my son’s approach instead on our next big mother/sister vacation to Disney World!


Contributed by: Natalie Henley (NDM#268) Natalie is the DDL Resort Blogger. She is also the creator of Meet the Magic.





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