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Briana Alessio (NDI#47) Briana is the DDL Atrractions Blogger. She lives in New York and is a student of SUNY Empire State College. She is a Christian, loving God with all her heart. She also has a passion for animals, music, and films. Briana has loved Disney since she began speaking and continues to love it to this day. In fact, her dream is to be a Cast Member. She also co-hosts The Disney Film Project Podcast (@DisFilmProject), writes a blog called The Adventures of Brie (adventuresofbrie.blogspot.com), and is known to the Twitter world as @BufferflyBrie.

Greetings all!  This is my very first blog post for the Disney Driven Life and I am very excited.  Since I will be the Attractions blogger, I thought my first post should be centered on my favorite attraction in The Walt Disney World Resort: Splash Mountain.

Photo Credit: Briana Alessio

The first time I rode this was in May 2007.  I was with my parents and had no idea what to expect.  The wait was only ten minutes long.  Why not?  As we made our way through the queue, my hands were beginning to tremble.  Whenever I try a new attraction, I am always deeply scared for my life.  All I knew was that the end would bring a watery death but had no clue what the inside of the attraction was like.  Much to my happiness, an enormous dive into the Briar Patch only occurs once.

I went on my first solo trip in November 2010 and braved it by myself.  I was not nearly as frightened as I thought I would be.  I was as happy as I could ever be.  The only downside was the fact that the temperatures were not that high (maybe 60 degrees) that day.  That would be one thing I recommend: do not ride this on a cold day.  Water mixing with cold?  Not the best experience.

The Walt Disney World website mentions how this “received the 2004 Disney Magazine Reader’s Choice Award for Favorite Attraction at the Magic Kingdom Park!”  I also think this attraction receives high praise for the many scenes in the ride.  Unlike the usual 2-3 minute length of a typical attraction, this lasts approximately 9 minutes.

The queue is nothing special and is in need of some refurbishment.  With the current rise of interactive queues, it might not hurt to add a few games here and there throughout to better capture a child’s (or adult’s, for that matter) interest.  A windy trail leads you up a flight of stairs, which leads to a few more winds before boarding your boat.

The main reason it stands as my favorite attraction stems from the sheer fun it brings.  You find yourself bobbing your head, singing “How do you do?” right back to the Audio Animatronics.  It takes you through many scenes from Song of the South, a Disney film from 1946 based on Uncle Remus’ tales.  This attraction also brings you outside for a short while, then back inside.  A few watery drops bring laughter and a shot of adrenaline for what is to about to come.  You know you have reached the end when you ascend a long hill and the vultures peer down at you with their mocking stares.  I can speak from personal experience that I normally have the words “this is it!” bouncing through my head as I reach the top of the hill.  The boat then tumbles over a five-story (52.5 feet tall) hill as you just miss the Briar Patch and meet your watery descent.  Your boat then makes a turn as some of the characters serenade you with “Zip A Dee Doo Dah.”

This fantastic attraction will be sure to bring plenty of laughter, screams, and memories.  Will your whole family enjoy this amazing experience?  Pretty good sure as ‘yer born!


Contributed by: Briana Alessio (NDI#47) Briana is the DDL Attractions Blogger. She is also the creator of Adventures of Brie.

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