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Natalie grew up in Nashville, TN. Married with one son, she lives on a farm. As if this weren't enough to keep her on her toes, Natalie also works around the clock due to being self-employed . Natalie often travels to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, giving her a vast knowledge of the Disney Resorts which she shares in her posts on The Disney Driven Life. She loves the research on the resorts and appreciates input for these articles as well. In recent trips, Natalie has begun making a habit of meeting people while in the parks. This habit inspired her personal website, Meet the Magic, This site helps her connect to others as well as hold space for Disney fans to post information about their Disney related sites. Her goal with this venture is to help people to "Meet the Magic" of their choice.

When the time comes and I finally get to Walt Disney World, I am very excited to get to check in at my resort.    When checking in, I typically have to wait in line for at least 5 minutes.  My son only appreciates an extremely short wait because he too is also very excited to get on with the fun!

Disney understands that many parents will also find that their child is not great at standing in line waiting to check in to the resorts.  As such, televisions playing Disney cartoons and other Disney shows are located within a short span from the check in lines.  In addition, some resorts offer tables with coloring supplies, including crayons and coloring pages, which are also very close to the check in desk.  I have seen these coloring tables at the All Star Resorts and the Caribbean Beach Resort.  If you are interested in such fun for your little one, inquire.

In addition to these great places for your children for the check in process, many of the resorts offer fun located close to the loading zone for the Magical Express buses, which take you to and from the airport.  Here is my son playing with the blocks at the Pop Century.  These blocks offer him fun and entertainment within watching distance as I get our luggage from the bell service.

Hope this helps you a little in getting to the magic a bit faster throughout your stay at Walt Disney World!

Contributed by: Natalie Henley (NDM#268) Natalie is the DDL Resort Blogger. She is also the creator of Meet the Magic.

3 thoughts on “The Little Things Can Help Out a Lot!

  1. We love staying at the Pop Century.  Those block (and the hula hoops that are right near them) are great for the kids while we wait.  One last bit of Disney magic before you leave to go home!

  2. I love all the extra things that Disney includes to try to entertain my little ones when we have to wait in lines.  My boys were given crayons and coloring books the last time we checked in at Coronado Springs and while it was a little thing, it got our vacation off to a great start.

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