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Molly is a proud mommy of three Neurotic Disney Children. Though young in age, she is a veteran Walt Disney World vacation planner. She would classify her life in two parts; on a Disney vacation, or planning one. She first visited her utopia at age 3 and could not imagine her life without it. One of her proudest moments was when her son told her that he wanted to be an Imagineer and she can’t wait until her daughter is old enough to have a favorite Disney princess. She hopes to instill a life long love for Disney in her children and any one else who is willing to have a little faith and trust!

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I can not imagine my world without Mickey Mouse. He has been a part of my life since the age of 3 when I first lay eyes on him while in Walt Disney World for the first time, and I am privileged to have been able to pass the love for this amazing pop culture icon down to my 2 little boys.

Mickey is a part of our every day lives in many ways. I must admit I have logged an awful lot of time on the telephone with Mr. Mouse. If my husband could take a look at my imaginary phone bill he would probably be alarmed that I might be being unfaithful to him with old Mickey! How many of you have said “If you don’t stop that right now, I am calling Mickey!” If you have never used this threat than you are a better Neurotic Disney Mom than I, because when my boys are getting a little out of hand I have been known to throw this statement out at them. If they don’t stop what ever naughtiness they are into at the mere mention of these words, then the phone gets picked up, some random numbers get punched, and I have a conversation with Mickey about how naughty children are not by any means allowed at his home. The conversation is always ended with “Yes Mickey, thank you, I will tell them what they have to do to redeem themselves.” My almost 5 year old looks so forward to his trips to Walt Disney World every summer, so whatever Mickey says, goes! If Mickey is not happy with his behavior then you better believe it is getting turned right around! At least for a couple minutes…

Mickey is not only a source of good behavior motivation for my boys, but he is also a great friend, and play mate. They treasure the baby Mickeys they each got on their first trips to Disney, as well as many other stuffed Mickeys, plastic Mickeys, Mickey plates, cups, bowls, clothing…we have it all. I have even heard them talking to an imaginary Mickey as if he is sitting right there next to him.

When we go to Walt Disney World, the morning of our first full day is always spent at the Contemporary Resort, eating breakfast with Chef Mickey! This allows meeting Mickey himself to be the very first thing on our vacation agenda. If it weren’t, the boys wouldn’t stop complaining about when we were going to see Mickey, until I tracked him down! Seeing Mickey just once in a vacation of course is not enough. We always make sure to stop by and spend some time with him again at Epcot’s Character Spot and of course to spot him and wave and he rides by in the parades. The boys just know that he is looking right at them as his raises his white gloved hands in the air during Fantasmic.

I have such admiration for Walt Disney for creating such a lovable, memorable, and timeless character in Mickey. So I ask you, how has he influenced your life and the lives of your children? Let none of us ever forget, “It all started with a mouse”.

Contributed by: Molly Beckley (NDM#398) Molly is a DDL Planning with Little Ones Blogger. She is also the creator of The Real Disney Mom.

7 thoughts on “FOR THE LOVE OF MICKEY

  1. I think Mickey Mouse is such a great icon for the kids and for the young at hearts. The boys must have love that unforgettable experience. Well, Mickey is remarkable because he’s a source of joy and youth.

  2. Mickey has been my pal since the mid 1950’s and I still smile every time I see him at WDW. I am so grateful that Walt created him because my children and my grand children all have a love for Mickey.

    Thanks for a great  post on this subject. mouseaider.

  3. I don’t really know the exact moment that Mickey Mouse became such a fixture inmy life. I’ve spent my life at Disneyworld. I grew up just 2 hours away and by my best count I’ve been to the parks well over 500 times. When I turned 21, my grandmother gave me a book full of stories about me. The very first story she wrote was about how on our visits to the Magic Kingdom I would beg her to brush my hair because “Mickey is going to see me!” I got married at Disneyworld (and took my honeymoon at Disneyland). Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away 10 years before I got married. On my wedding day I got a signed picture from Mickey with a note that read “Dear Amber, my how you’ve grown! I remember you at the parades with your grandmother!” I know it sounds silly but I’m 39 years old and I still get a little choked up when I see Mickey!

  4. That is a fabulous story, and getting choked up at the sight of Mickey does not sound silly at all. I think you would be surprised at the amount of people that feel the exact same way!

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