In all seriousness (maybe) I think he wondered, once upon a time, if I really did love Mickey more than my husband.  In fact, it could be possible to say that Disney has even strengthened our marriage.  Well, look at me, getting ahead of myself when there is a perfectly good story to tell here.


I should begin it properly…


Once upon a time, there was a young maiden with hair reminiscent of the maple leaves just as the air felt it’s first chill.  She was a dramatic sort, and although from a noble upbringing, enjoyed a more spontaneous life.  It was in a far away kingdom where they met.  Theatrics and church were somehow recurring themes.  He looked dangerous, dressed in leather with earrings and chains and a mop of curly hair bounced with each step.  Once upon a dream they were in love, yet they knew nothing of each other.  It was months later, twists of fate, kismet and the like and they were suddenly together again.  This time, they would not make the mistake of allowing the other to go.  In less than a year they were married.  She had mentioned Disney World as a Honeymoon destination.  He told her it would be a surprise….


It wasn’t Disney World.


Yes, I think most marriages begin just like a fairy tale!  Somewhere along the way the fairy tale ends and real life begins.  Despite what you may be thinking, this isn’t a bad thing!  Quite the contrary, actually!  I mean, could we really live in this fantasy world ALL THE TIME?  Not hardly!  Life happens, bills need to be paid, children raised, jobs done- people are people, we will all do things to tick each other off, irritate the heck out of each other and also dazzle each other completely!  The important thing is that we learn to live this life together.  So what is the secret?

It took a little while, but eventually, my husband realized just how crucial Disney was to my life.  I also learned to tell him just how crucial it was to my life, something I really wasn’t that good at all along, although I should have been.  His interests are quite different, and I completely recognize the give and take that needs to happen in a relationship and support him when he wants to run into the woods on a motorcycle and sleep in a hammock.  So no, we didn’t go on a Disney honeymoon, but we have been to Disney World many times since.  We are even renewing our vows there in October.  It took some time, but he understands, and most importantly- respects- my need for this in my life. He also wholeheartedly supports my writing and my Disney business trips so completely now.  I am a lucky Disney girl.


I must say, I love him very much for it.  Even more than I love Mickey.

And they all lived…

Happily Ever After

Contributed by: Ami B. (NDM#381) Ami is the DDL Ethics and Marriage Blogger. She is also the creator of Disney Park Goddess.

One thought on “Why I Love my Husband More than Mickey Mouse

  1. Wonderful post! My wife and I hope to renew our vows in Walt Disney World when we celebrate our 25th. But that is still 5 years away. Congratulations!

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