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Beth was born and raised in upstate New York. She is a happily married teacher, now SAHM to her two young sons. As a child, she and her parents would go to Walt Disney World nearly every year, creating a love for all things Disney that flourished well into adulthood. Beth worked hard to convince her husband to spend their ten day honeymoon at Walt Disney World in 2001. In May 2009, Beth's dream of taking her two boys to see the magic came true. It was a three generation experience, including the original Disney dreamers, her parents. Now her entire family has been bitten by the Disney bug and eagerly anticipate their next adventure to Florida. Beth's love for all things Disney has helped to inspire her at home, in the classroom, and beyond. She always has a camera close by to catch magical memories for her blog,

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Let’s face it, going back to school can be a challenge for all students. Sure they miss their friends, they like the routines, but the unknown is there. Each August and September, kids around the country head back into the classroom. No doubt, home schooling children also wonder what the year will bring for them. As a teacher, I would also wonder about my students.

Will they:

  • like the books I picked for Language Arts?
  • adore reading and writing or some be reluctant?
  • challenge me and help me learn as an educator?
  • be actively engaged in my science experiments and apply it to real life?

Of course, there were a lot of others as well. To try to get a feel for my kids, I did two exercises. First, I sent homework for the parents. I asked them to tell me about their children in a million words or less. I explained that they know their kids and I need as much to help their individual children to be as successful as possible. What are strengths and or weaknesses? Is there anything that I should know? This was to open up the lines of communication and included my e-mail and websites for them to keep in touch. I also asked each of my students to write me a note. I wanted them to tell me about their summer, who they are, and something unique about them. The fun part – I wrote a hand written note back to each and every one of them. Did I mention I was a middle school teacher at the time with 4 or more groups of students?

As a parent, I have to say it is a lot more intimidating. I know my child, but the new teacher does not know him. Will they understand all of the ways that he does things? How can I help them to do this without stepping on toes? Some of you may have already gone back to school and others, like us, will be heading back after Labor Day. This year, I have been seeing something new on blogs. People are giving back-to-school gifts to teachers. I never had this when I was teaching, and have not seen it within our schools. Yet, I have to admit I am intrigued.

Imagine giving your teacher a magical box filled with Disney goodies. We all need a little Pixie Dust, no? My friend Holly included post-it notes, hand sanitizer, paper clips, and other items that teacher will love within a reusable storage container. I love those ideas and would possibly add in a gift card for coffee and/or a mug. In addition to this, I would personalize it from us. To do this, it would have to be done Disney Style! Include some Disney pens/pencils, Phineas and Ferb list paper (Target $1 bins almost always has Disney items), Toy Story note pads (Michaels $1 area), and Disney stickers for reward use. Of course, a note would be included with a thank you for being my child’s teacher. I know he will learn and grow and be a part of your classroom family for the upcoming year. I would give my contact information and then toss in a little Pixie Dust for good wishes.

It isn’t too late to do something special for the teachers in your life. What would you add into this from your Disney Driven Life?

Contributed by: Beth L. (NDM#183) Beth is the DDL Education Blogger. She is also the creator of The Angel Forever.

3 thoughts on “Getting To Know You – Back-To-School

  1. This makes me smile! I’d have loved to add pixie dust and Disney magic to the teacher gift. Why didn’t I think of that?  🙂  I’m sure your gift was well received.

  2. This makes me smile! I’d have loved to add pixie dust and Disney magic to the teacher gift. Why didn’t I think of that?  🙂  I’m sure your gift was well received.

  3. Shhhh. . . I didn’t give a gift 😉  Too many teachers and in NY nobody seems to be doing this just yet. Just loved the idea you had and figured I could put a fun Disney twist on it.

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