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Katie grew up on all things Disney. When she met her future husband she knew that converting him into a disney fan was a must! After a few WDW vacations, Disney history lessons, and lots of Disney peer pressure, she finally had her prince charming loving all things Disney as well. After getting engaged in 2008 on a carriage ride through Fort Wilderness, Katie threw out the idea of getting married in the place where they shared their happiest memories. Two years of planning, and a whole bunch of Disney magic later, they had the most amazing Disney wedding on October 2nd, 2010. Now living at home in New England, Katie keeps the Disney romance alive in her home and is constantly planning romantic vacations to the world. She has her own personal blog www.makingmyfairytale.blogspot.com and is thoroughly excited to start writing for the Disney Driven Life.

One of the most wonderful things about having a Disney wedding, and trust me there are many, are the numerous themes you can have! You could be getting married in Paris, then have you reception in the “attic” of a turn of the century hotel in Atlantic city, Or you could be married in a seaside gazebo, and have your reception in Morocco during amazing fireworks. All the while your photographer is snapping pictures of you and your significant other in these exotic locations. While trying to write this blog post I got extremely overwhelmed by all the different locations. I’ve decided I’ll break them up as best as I can and include as many locations as I can. This blog post’s theme will be a very traditional, classic theme.


When people think of Disney weddings they instantly think of the Wedding Pavilion at the Grand Floridian. It is one of the most amazing chapels I’ve ever seen. With its wrap around windows looking out onto the water with Cinderella’s Castle in the distance, it just oozes romance. There is nothing more tear-jerking than watching those doors swing open to reveal the beautiful bride on her dad’s arm to her groom for the first time. It is the most traditional wedding location in WDW, and it has been a favorite for many past, present, and future disney brides looking for the traditional wedding feel.


Photo couresty : Tazphoto.com



If you’re a traditional bride then your reception will most likely be in a beautiful hall that goes along with your theme of classic elegance. There are MANY halls available to Disney brides but in keeping with the Grand Floridian Location we’ll show off the Grand Floridian Ball room. This ballroom can hold 1,500 guests (crazy right?) But for smaller guest lists this ballroom can be split up to accommodate any and every amount of guests. No matter what kind of decor you have in this ballroom it is going to look nothing but elegant and classy. This is another great thing about having a Disney wedding, no matter what location you choose, you could add nothing to it and it would still look completely breath taking! Any kind of decor that a bride and groom may have at their wedding is only going to add to its beauty.


Photo Courtesy : Magicalkingdoms.com


And lastly, many Disney brides end the night with a dessert party. At the dessert party you are able to have desserts and watch fireworks from a private location. I must admit that this next location holds a very special place in my heart because we had our entire reception at this location. It is Sago Cay Pointe at the Grand Floridian Marina. You have a straight shot view of Cinderella’s Castle and when the fireworks start you can hear the music and get an amazing view of the fireworks. It is the perfect way to end a perfectly elegant, classy, traditional, wedding.


Photo courtesy of : Katie Z


Photo Courtesy : Katie Z

So there you have it, a Disney wedding from start to finish with a classic, elegant, traditional theme. I have a few more themes in mind that will be posted in the next few weeks but I’d love to know what kind of themes you’d all like to see, let me know and I’ll write one up!

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