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Briana Alessio (NDI#47) Briana is the DDL Atrractions Blogger. She lives in New York and is a student of SUNY Empire State College. She is a Christian, loving God with all her heart. She also has a passion for animals, music, and films. Briana has loved Disney since she began speaking and continues to love it to this day. In fact, her dream is to be a Cast Member. She also co-hosts The Disney Film Project Podcast (@DisFilmProject), writes a blog called The Adventures of Brie (adventuresofbrie.blogspot.com), and is known to the Twitter world as @BufferflyBrie.

If you enjoy hang gliders, oranges, and pine trees, then this is the perfect attraction for you!  I am speaking of none other than Soarin’ which has become quite popular among the Disney community and our everyday vocabulary. Originally a Disneyland debut in 2001, this was based strictly on California’s sights (and smells).  Demand for a location in Florida was urged and before we knew it, Soarin’ made its grand debut in 2005 at the Walt Disney World Resort in Epcot’s Future World.

The queue always fascinates me with its bright, shiny blue pathway (this coming from a person whose favorite color is blue) to the “main gate.”  Patrick Warburton, who voiced Kronk in the underrated 2000 film The Emperor’s New Groove, hosts the pre-show.  He instructs you on boarding your “flight” and basically what to expect.

After lining up accordingly and waiting a short period of time, the flight attendants lead you into the boarding area.  They tell you to place your belongings in the netted compartment under your seat.  Make sure you are buckled in tight and safely.  Parents, this is especially important for children!  Children are small and want the ability to swing their legs freely.  The Cast Members will be sure to double-check and make sure all passengers are safe anyhow, but this is still a significant matter to keep in mind.  Also, if you are wearing sandals, please remove them to respect the other guests.  After all, your shoes could easily fly off your feet while in motion and hit a guest below you.  Maintaining respect in the parks is always a must!

My favorite part of the attraction is the adrenaline rush and thrill in the very beginning, when they first lift you in front of the 80-foot screen.  As you are lifted in the hang glider, you can hear clapping and cheers, building the excitement.  I always get a chill up my spine and a huge smile on my face!  My other favorite part is the last scene of the attraction.  If you do not know what this is, experience this amazing journey yourself and you will see why!

I checked out the Walt Disney World website to verify which California landmarks are shown in Soarin’ and it listed the following:

•San Francisco
•Golden Gate Bridge
•Redwood Creek
•Napa Valley
•Lake Tahoe
•Yosemite National Park
•Anaza-Borrego Desert State Park
•San Diego
•Los Angeles
My personal opinion: I do enjoy this ride very much, but I feel that they should update the quality of the film. It is quite shaky and has caused me a feeling of light-headedness before.  However, this does not stop me from riding it each trip and having a wonderful time! It may be only five minutes, but the happiness and shrieks of joy heard throughout is worth every moment.  This is a definite must-see.

Do you enjoy Soarin’?  Is there anything about the attraction you would change?  You can comment here or hop on over to my Twitter account @BufferflyBrie to say hello and let me know your thoughts!


Soarin' queue. Photo credit: WDW Info website.

Contributed by: Briana Alessio (NDI#47) Briana is the DDL Attractions Blogger. She is also the creator of Adventures of Brie.

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