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Living in Delaware her whole life, Jessica did not know much about Walt Disney World until she went at 13 years old. That initial trip, though, got her hooked on the magic. As the years went on, she did everything she could to learn more about Disney (including watching documentaries and reading books). She did not know many people that shared her passion until she discovered the wonders of the internet and the Disney community found on it. She has gotten involved with as many Disney projects as she can, including writing the weekly news articles for The Disney Driven Life and writing for her own blog, The True Disney Fan. Jessica has also taken on a position with Celebrations Magazine, working the social media aspects of the publication. Through all these platforms, Jessica strives to bring as much Disney magic as possible into her everyday life, and she works to share it with everyone she meets!

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There is a whole new room celebration being added to the Disney Floral and Gifts that is going to make you with that the Pirate’s life was for you! Starting October 21st, you and your family can have your resort room crashed by Captain Jack Sparrow himself! He was running from Blackbeard trying to hide a treasure and ran right into your room to hide it. He has left clues on papers in the room to help lead your family to his treasure, along with lots of other goodies to make your room feel like a real pirate’s den!

This interactive room celebration includes a door banner for to greet you on your room door, motion activated skull, the clues from Captain Sparrow, a weathered pirate flag, skull and crossbones blanket, pirate sword and sash, the hidden treasure chest with surprises inside and a pirate sack filled with candy and prate accessories to dress up as a pirate.

This entire swash-buckling adventure is $395 and will be a great source of room entertainment for your little pirate family!  If you are interested in ordering “Me Pirate Adventure” for your vacation, visit the Disney Floral and Gifts site or call 407-WDW-GIFT (407-939-4438).

Contributed by: Jessica Clawson (NDI#21) Jessica is the News and Current Events Blogger. She is also the creator of The True Disney Fan.

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