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With only one year to her name, Hannah made her first trip to Disneyland with her family. She has loved Disney and being in Disney Parks ever since. As a little girl, her fascination primarily manifested as Cinderella and Aladdin movie-watching marathons. These days her obsession expresses itself more in the way of collecting Disney Pins and Vinylmation. So while her heart no longer pounds at the sight of her favorite childhood princess, Jasmine, her Disney obsession is still as strong (if not stronger). As a teen, she avidly shares her love of Disney with others who always laugh when she explains her addiction. Fond memories are what keeps Hannah's Disney Spirit alive. She remembers walking down Disneyland Main Street and seeing Sleeping Beauty castle for the first time, and it is one of her favorite things to recall.

Just about every day I hear negative things about teens, as I’m sure everyone does. I hear about how we’re bratty and ungrateful. We’re self-absorbed and break promises. We shirk responsibility. We lie, cheat, and steal. We betray our closest friends and gossip incessantly. We don’t think; we only act. We can’t compose one grammatically correct sentence. We can’t do anything right. All of those things are true. These things are true about everyone on the planet. No, not everyone does all of those things. However, not all teens do these things either. Sometimes I feel stereotyped simply because of my age. I’m here for all the teenage girls out there to say that we can be princesses too and share some of the things that make a true princess!

5. Own Your “Flaws” and Faults– The world has set insane standards of what physical “flaws” are. Mulan doesn’t go home and binge on dumplings when the matchmaker tells her that she’s too skinny. Snow White doesn’t tan with Snooki and the gang. Rapunzel doesn’t look for a cream that will get rid of her freckles. Princesses own their flaws because they make them unique and beautiful. They don’t make excuses for their faults either. It’s naïve to believe that princesses don’t make mistakes. They recognize their faults and work to be better. This is what makes them perfect.

4. Humility and Loyalty– Some people say that the princesses aren’t good role models because they’re so ungrounded. I firmly disagree. All of these princesses are extremely grounded, each working through her own unique situation. Princesses are also loyal. Without some help from their friends, the princesses probably wouldn’t have happy endings. They realize that they need help and they accept it. Then, they stay loyal to those that help them. Cinderella doesn’t abandon her mice once she moves to the castle! Princesses will do anything to protect the ones they love.

3. A Drive– All princesses want something. They don’t lay around waiting for something great to happen to them. They go out and get it. Some people don’t think that Cinderella has this, but she doesn’t wait around for Prince Charming. She goes to the ball and steals his heart. However, drive alone isn’t enough.

2. A Dedication– Without dedication, the drive to achieve something doesn’t mean much. Princesses work hard to get where they’re going. One of my favorite examples of dedication is Tiana, who works day and night to fulfill her dream.

1. A Beautiful Heart– This is the most important part of a princess. All princesses are filled with love. Belle sees the Beast for who he truly is, not just what he looks like. Jasmine still loves Aladdin even when she finds out he’s not a prince. Ariel saves Eric’s life. Snow White, Aurora, and Pocahontas love every woodland creature imaginable. Mulan loves her father so much she takes his place in the army. Princesses have strong hearts, and don’t compromise themselves.

I think that anyone with these characteristics is a true princess (or prince). Teens are often stereotyped, but princesses can be found everywhere, regardless of their age.

Contributed by: Hannah N. (NDT#23) Hannah is the DDL Teens’ Viewpoint Blogger.

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