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Connie Roberts can still remember her first trip to Disney World even though she was 7 years old. The joy she felt would stay with her for years until she could visit again as a teen. That's when she hatched her plan to move to Florida. Although it took many years for this plan to come to fruition, Connie surrounded herself with all things Disney. And with every move, the closer she came to the parks, the more Disney she gathered. Finally in her late 20's Connie was close enough to Disney World to visit and drive back home in a day. Being a Disney FANatic has been passed on to her 2 daughter and her husband and she's found sharing this love on her blog Brain Foggles and on Twitter, where she's known as the go to person for Disney World questions.

This month’s featured blogger is a DJ for Sorcerer Radio, keeps a travel journal for her Disney trips and has a “Disney Nut” for a son. Welcome Natalie Henley, #NDM 268, the Resorts Blogger for DDL! As an accountant, she uses her skills to teach others how to save enough money to afford trips to Disney, while not spending too much while there, on her blog, Meet the Magic.

Natalie is married to a fireman, EMT and Search and Rescue Professional, and she has a six year-old son, who recently began Kindergarten. She can spend hours talking with her son about their trips to Disney, the attractions, the resort they stayed at, and the memories they made. They also plan their upcoming visits together. Her husband is a fan while he’s at the parks, but not too interested in the planning or discussing end of things. Her photos, travel journal and blog allow her to relieve those memories without missing any details.

Speaking of memories, one that is close to Natalie’s heart happened on a Disney vacation to celebrate her son’s 4th birthday. During the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue, she, her husband and son were seated close to the stage. Her son remembered the last time they were there that his aunt was chosen to be a cancan dancer. He was so unhappy. But this time, he flirted with Dolly, one of the stage performers, by blowing her kisses and waving to her. For the finale of the show, he was chosen to perform as the sheriff! He showed no fear and spoke his lines perfectly. It took a lot for Natalie and her husband to hold back their tears of pride, and the photo of him onstage is displayed at home so it can be seen often.

Her home office is where she keeps her collectibles, including a Mickey with the Band statue from the Art of Disney Store in EPCOT. And owning some Disney stock helps her “feel as though I own a small piece of Disney!”

Natalie HenleyNatalie became used to Disney trips every 3 months after her son was born. Her husband teased her when the two month mark came around that he was expecting a panic attack soon. But things have to change, unfortunately. Now that her son is Kindergarten, their vacations will slow down a bit. As of now, though, she does have two Disney trips planned and booked already.

As the co-host of the Castaway Midday Show with Kristen Hoetzel for Sorcerer Radio,  she enjoys providing island themed music, talking about trip planning, Disney tips and food.  If you’re interested in being interviewed, requesting music or discussion topics, listen to their show on Thursdays at 12:00 ET at

You may hear Natalie talk about or write about some of her Disney favorites:

  • The Peter Pan attraction is one she remembers riding it as a child and now rides with her son. She looks out for (and usually finds) a new detail each time.
  • The Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate themed room is a favorite because it “makes you feel as if you had been permitted to bring a part of the Magic Kingdom to your own resort room!”  And don’t forget the pool and the slides and the hot tub “to sooth you after a long day at the theme parks.”
  • The Brown Derby restaurant is a favorite restaurant because of the food, ambiance and service.

Natalie takes her interest for Disney seriously. She’s applied for the Mom’s Panel twice and as Disney seasonal employee. Although not yet accepted, she keeps her hopes up. She also hopes to afford an Adventures by Disney vacation – the Italy Signature.  She believes this type of trip would create memories of a lifetime in a country that she dreams of visiting. With the attention that Disney would provide, she knows that everything would be taken care of and that she could enjoy eating, sightseeing, shopping and so much more with her family with the magical Disney touch.

Be sure to read Natalie’s posts here, visit her blog and listen to her radio show. She’s an ultimate Disney fan, who loves to share her interest and knowledge with others.

Contributed by: ConnieFoggles (NDI#176) Connie is the DDL Interviewer. She is also the creator of Brain Foggles.

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