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I was very happy to receive the iPhone 4S as an upcoming birthday gift. Keep in mind that I never considered myself an Apple fan boy, but I’m starting to think that I am quickly becoming one.

When I knew that I could choose any smart phone as a birthday gift, I went to both AT&T and Verizon to look at models. I held the Samsung galaxy S2 in my hand and just didn’t like the feel. It felt flimsy and the back case kept falling off. It’s probably important to keep in mind that my previous phone was an iPhone 3GS and I own an iPad. So I have been familiar and comfortable with the Apple products. Still, I toyed with the idea of something new.

I am completely overjoyed with my choice to stick with Apple and upgrade to the iPhone 4S. I love taking pictures in and around Walt Disney World. Sometimes I don’t want to lug around my really good camera and I’d use my cell phone to tweet a lot of pictures. I’ve always been a little disappointed in the quality of the photos. I am astonished at the level of quality that the iPhone 4S brings to photos;  the HD 1080 resolution videos are gorgeous.

If you remember back to the launch of the iPhone 4, there was a problem with the antenna on the phone. If you held the phone a certain way, it was very possible that the reception would be bad or lost altogether. The iPhone 4S’s new design solves all that and has great reception thus far.

But perhaps my biggest draw to the new iPhone 4S and the greatest reason to upgrade is the microphone capability. Anything that can be typed, can be spoken. As a matter of fact, this whole review is being spoken right into the iPhone. I have to tell you, I have very little editing going on here. It may not seem overwhelming, but this is potentially life-saving. As much as we know, we are not supposed to text and drive. It is very dangerous, yet some of us still do it. If you’re just not in the mood for a phone call, you can speak your words right into the text box and send your spoken word.

The next thing people have been talking a lot about is Siri. Siri is like having an artificial intelligence robot assistant inside your phone. You simply speak to her the way you would speak to a human. You don’t have to be all formal. You can ask her for directions, ask her to remind you about something, ask her for restaurant suggestions and even ask her who Mickey Mouse is! My friend and I were wondering how old William Shatner was. We asked Siri and she knew. Querying her for the meaning of life brings up a lot of fun things. Time will tell if this wonder wears out or if she will be used in real life situations.

My bottom line is that if you are upgrading from any phone other than the iPhone 4, run don’t walk. If you are upgrading from an iPhone 4, see if the features are as “not able to live without” as they are to me.

Apart from all that the iPhone 4S has to offer,  the new Apple iOS 5 operating system is really fabulous. You can tweet directly from photos and access the new iCloud, a handy way to always have access to music, photos, and more without them taking up room on your device.

I can’t wait to get to a Disney park with the new iPhone 4S.

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Contributed by: John Saccheri(NDI#64) John is a DDL Guest Blogger.


One thought on “iPhone 4S Review

  1. As
    soon as the iPhone 4S was available, I got it. I admit I was one of the crazy
    people who were in line waiting to get their hands on one. The iPhone 4S is so
    much faster than my old phone. I had a 3GS, and as good as it was it was
    starting to slow down a bit. I was definitely due for an upgrade. The fact that
    my new phone has a dual-core processor and faster data speeds is perfect enough
    for me. I don’t really need a larger screen, or a different design. One thing
    where the iPhone 4S excels is in streaming. I use the DISH Remote Access app
    from my employer, DISH Network to stream live channels, and recorded shows from
    my DVR to my phone anywhere I am. Another positive about the app is it helps
    along Apple’s cloud service by letting me keep space on my phone for more
    important things other than movies. I couldn’t be happier with my new phone!

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