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With only one year to her name, Hannah made her first trip to Disneyland with her family. She has loved Disney and being in Disney Parks ever since. As a little girl, her fascination primarily manifested as Cinderella and Aladdin movie-watching marathons. These days her obsession expresses itself more in the way of collecting Disney Pins and Vinylmation. So while her heart no longer pounds at the sight of her favorite childhood princess, Jasmine, her Disney obsession is still as strong (if not stronger). As a teen, she avidly shares her love of Disney with others who always laugh when she explains her addiction. Fond memories are what keeps Hannah's Disney Spirit alive. She remembers walking down Disneyland Main Street and seeing Sleeping Beauty castle for the first time, and it is one of her favorite things to recall.

Like pretty much every other student on this planet, I hate homework. However, I don’t think that schools are going to get rid of it anytime soon. Students everywhere are forced to deal with it, one way or another. Throughout my years of homework doing, I’ve come up with a few Disney related tips to help reduce the pain and stress that homework causes.

1. Snacks– We snack a lot when we’re at Disney, so it’s fun to enjoy the same snacks at home while I’m doing my homework. Unfortunately I don’t have a dole whip bar in my house or an ice cream cart with an umbrella that has Mickey bars and other frozen treats. A few of my favorite “at home” Disney snacks are rice crispy treats, cheetos (the kind that Trader Joe’s makes because they’re gluten-free), popcorn, and barbeque potato chips. I also like a piece or two of Disney taffy if we have any. Thankfully my parents just brought me home a box! Snacking on things that we eat at Disney really make doing homework hurt less.

2. Music– I must have music when I’m doing my homework. Doing it in silence just doesn’t work for me. Listening to Disney music puts me in a better mood whenever I listen to it, so why not listen to it when I’m cranky and trying to do my homework? I love the new Winnie the Pooh soundtrack, The Sherman Brothers Songbook album, the Tangled soundtrack, The Lion King soundtrack, and the Prom soundtrack, just to name a few.

3. Movies and Shorts– I really like watching/listening to a Disney movie or some of the shorts when I’m doing my homework. Some people find that this distracts them, but for me it helps me focus if I listen to a movie on iTunes or watch it on Disney Movie Rewards.

4. Thinking Caps– People say “Put on your thinking cap,” but I don’t have one of those. I have Mickey ears and princess tiaras. No shame in Disney pride! These help me think and make me feel like I’m at Disney.

5. Reward– Set a requirement for yourself with your homework and then reward yourself when you follow through. Five more math questions and browse the Disney parks blog for a few minutes. Do your sign language journal entry and then browse for fan art or look at pieces of Disney history. Finish a paper, then stop working and enjoy a short (a movie if you have nothing else to do!) or play a Disney video game. Incentives make me finish faster, especially if they are Disney related!

I like to draw hidden Mickeys on my homework as well as doing everything above. Homework is a burden, but there are really fun Disney things you can do to make your load seem lighter!

Contributed by: Hannah N. (NDT#23) Hannah is the DDL Teens’ Viewpoint Blogger.

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