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I was born and raised in South Florida and was fortunate enough to get to go to Disney often, always for day visits (and of course Night of Joys and Grad Night). It wasn't until I was married and had my first child that we decided to take the trip from Atlanta. That was when I fell head over heels in love with Disney. I am mother of two children, a Disney Destination Specialist for Travel With The Magic, and a regular contributor for

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Well, the big day is almost here. I’ve been counting down for what feels like months and I am now officially one week away from setting sail on the Disney Dream. This isn’t just my first cruise on the Disney Cruise Line, it’s my first cruise…ever. I’m filled with excitement and to be quite frank, nervousness. You see, I am prone to getting motion sickness. I’ve always wanted to do a cruise but my fear of being out in the middle of the deep blue sea and getting sea sick has always gotten the best of me. Honestly, I think I would be perfectly content just getting on the boat and staying right there at the port. But since I am a Disney Destination Planner now, I decided I needed to experience sailing on the Disney Cruise Line at least once in order to be able to sell it to the best of my ability. Rough job, I know but someone’s got to do it.

Originally this cruise was supposed to be for my husband and I to celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary. However, our seven year old son became obsessed with looking at the Disney Cruise Line brochures I had on hand and wouldn’t stop talking about riding the infamous Aquaduck. We were keeping our trip a secret because I knew he would be devastated if he found out we were going without him. Every time I would mention something about Disney, he would ask when we were going to go on a Disney Cruise. Finally, my husband and I agreed there was no possible way we could go on a Disney cruise and not take him with us, so he was added. We surprised him on his birthday with the news and well, if you take a peak at the picture below, you will see it went over quite well.

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Since we are taking our water slide obsessed son, I do have some concern that all I will see are the pools, Mickey slide, Pelican Plunge on Castaway Cay and the Aquaduck. Clearly that wouldn’t be so bad but I do want to make sure I’m able to take in a lot of what the ship has to offer. To hopefully help combat this issue, we have already agreed that each family member will make a list of what the most important things for them to do on the ship are so each person will get to do these things and leave satisfied. My son’s list…water slides. My husband’s list…eat. OK, so clearly, it shouldn’t be too hard to cross their lists off! I would really like to take my time and look around the boat. My husband and I have a dinner reservation at the adults only restaurant, Palo, which I‘m very excited about. I’d also like to enjoy some activities at Castaway Cay, attend the Pirate party, see some shows, and just enjoy chilling out on our veranda. We’re going on a 3 Night Bahamian cruise so we’ll see how much I’m able to accomplish.

So, 7 days and counting! Final Disney documents, birth certificates, camera, bathing suits and Bonine have already been packed. I’m looking forward to taking lots of pictures and sharing my full report when I return!

Have you been on the Disney Dream? What advice would you give to a first timer?

Contributed by: Corby Cook (NDM#389) Corby is the DDL Babies and Toddlers Blogger. She also contributes to Growing Up Disney.


  1. If your like me and like to keep your room key in your pocket so you dont walk out of the room and for get it, take a old photopass, or store shopper card to put into the light switches by the door. Get to the ship early as you can, or your boarding time allows. Grab a quick bite to eat and head for the Aqua Duck, the lines are almost non existant and they tend to get quite long anytime after that. We wore our bathing suits onboard and were all ready to go.

  2. I would be just as excited as you are, and I’m sure with the great set-up you and your husband will have the time to enjoy your 10th anniversary, congats!

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