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Briana Alessio (NDI#47) Briana is the DDL Atrractions Blogger. She lives in New York and is a student of SUNY Empire State College. She is a Christian, loving God with all her heart. She also has a passion for animals, music, and films. Briana has loved Disney since she began speaking and continues to love it to this day. In fact, her dream is to be a Cast Member. She also co-hosts The Disney Film Project Podcast (@DisFilmProject), writes a blog called The Adventures of Brie (adventuresofbrie.blogspot.com), and is known to the Twitter world as @BufferflyBrie.

Ready when you are, CB!

These are the words uttered right before you take off into the glamour of Hollywood.  I am speaking of none other than The Great Movie Ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!  There is much debate over whether people love, are simply okay with it, or feel it needs a complete refurbishment.  I am one who absolutely loves this attraction.  I would only make two small adjustments.  I would alter the scene in Alien and possibly not make it as long as it is; with the part they remove from this, they could add a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.

Right behind the Sorcerer’s Hat is Grauman’s Chinese Theater.  As you walk in, you see select dresses/props from assorted films, including a carousel horse from Mary Poppins.  What I love is the second room of the queue, where you can watch trailers and snippets from assorted films.  A Cast Member then leads you to the boarding area.  As you climb aboard and begin your journey, you see this dazzling sign ahead of you as “Hooray For Hollywood” begins to play.

Photo Credit: thegreatmovieride.tripod.com

I do not want to explain the entire attraction, as I would leave nothing as a surprise for newcomers.  However, be prepared to become fully immersed into the glitter and glam of Hollywood’s best films.  I have been on this MANY times, and it will never become old for me.  Whether seeing Jimmy Cagney threatening a suspect or watching Gene Kelly “singin’ in the rain”, I absolutely love every moment.

There is a moment in the ride where your vehicle is kidnapped.  This could either be a gangster or a cowboy.  My personal favorite choice is the gangster.   On my last trip there a couple of weeks ago, he looked directly into my eyes during his “What are you lookin’ at? Everybody mind your P’s and Q’s” spiel.  Therefore, my choosing the gangster as a favorite might be biased.

This attraction is safe for all ages.  The only thing which could be disturbing for some, depending on your level of comfort, is a fog effect involving Alien and some gunshots/fire involved in the gangster/cowboy scene where your vehicle is taken over.  Otherwise, this ride is enjoyed by the majority.

My favorite scene in the entire attraction is between Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) and Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman) from the 1942 classic Casablanca.  Their tearful goodbye, both in the film and in this ride, always causes me to shed a tear or two.

Photo Credit: Yesterland website

The attraction ends with a beautiful tribute to Hollywood’s greatest films.  This is my second favorite part, as you can see the effort which was put into this.  What is your favorite scene in this attraction?  Do you feel that it should stay the way it is or that it needs a complete refurbishment?  Either drop me a line here or on Twitter @BufferflyBrie!

Contributed by: Briana Alessio (NDI#47) Briana is the DDL Attractions Blogger. She is also the creator of Adventures of Brie.

5 thoughts on “The Great Movie Ride

  1. I’m on team refurb. I like most of the ride but it needs up grades and a new movie or two. Also it helps (or doesn’t hurt my feelings any) if the gangster is HOT!

  2. I love this ride and while a few things might need to be tweaked, last time they attempted this they totally botched the script…I see dead people? COME ON!  Mostly I’m on team I love it! I’m partially biased as a former GMR CM!

  3. This is one of my favorite rides at Hollywood Studios. I LOVE seeing the clips at the end and I always see something new when we go. Of course, being a HUGE Jimmy Stewart fan, I always look for him.
    I agree about either taking out or shortening the Alien scene and adding something else. Although I LOVE the Pirates movies, I don’t necessarily think that’s necessary because of the Pirates attraction in MK.
    But I’ll go ride the movies everytime I’m there. =)

  4. I love this attraction! When you get a CM who is really into the part, it is a whole lot of fun. At one time I was on the side of “update this attraction” but when I actually started watching some of the movies that are represented, I switched to the “leave it as it is unless you want to add additional scenes” side.  I will also take this opportunity to state my opinion that the Chinese Theater should not be obstructed by the Sorcerer’s Hat.

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