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Sherry’s an unashamed Disneyaholic! Her earliest memories of Disney World include meeting Mickey and Minnie aboard the Empress Lilly Steamboat (now Fulton’s Crab House), the luau (complete with shell lei), and of course, Hoop de Doo! She has specialized in DisneyWorld experiences, ranging from childhood, teenager, college, newlywed, and mom. (Though she wishes she had been more persistent that her friends go with her to Disneyland Paris!) Interesting factoids: her dog’s real name is “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (Cali for short) and she is still pinching herself from her stay in Bay Lake Tower’s Grand Villa. (Second only to the Castle Suite, no doubt!) But don’t tell the kids about THAT one: Sherry and hubby Clay snuck away for a “grownups only” trip to the World and finally checked something off her bucket list: the Keys to the Kingdom tour and seeing the Utilidors. Best. Day. Ever!

Hi everyone! Trip reporting is so much FUN-I have TONS to tell you about from our October land/sea trip to WDW and the Disney Dream. In the spirit of full disclosure, I must tell you that I had never cruised before, so we were fortunate to have our first cruise experience with what can only be described as the Rolls-Royce of the cruise industry, Disney Cruise Line. After our 3 night cruise on the Disney Dream, I can say unequivocally that it was AMAZING! The food…the service…the smorgasbord of endless kids’ activities! Seriously, if your kids don’t have fun on a Disney cruise, then they are downright unsatisfiable. I have finally got my sea legs back, but I truly wish I was still enjoying all that the Dream has to offer. Oh well, a girl can DREAM…

So the next best thing is to reflect on our cruise and share those ruminations with you. I’ll stick with the highlights (otherwise you’d be reading a novel):

  • The Broadway-caliber shows. We were treated to 3 amazing top-quality productions: The Golden Mickeys, Villains Tonight!, and Believe. For laughs, Villains Tonight! totally stole the show-loved it! Click here to get a sneak peek into the staging of this incredible show, compliments of the Disney Cruise Line. But for sheer sentimentality, the best show was Believe. It didn’t hurt it had a flying Peter Pan and a wicked funny Genie. Plus, we watched Believe from the balcony, which gave us an added appreciation for the trap doors and stunts since we had a birds’ eye view. Highly recommend ALL the shows-don’t miss them!
  • The Midship Detective Agency-the 2 onboard mysteries where you are given a map of the ship and a special card that unlocks clues to solve the mystery. When the kids held the card in front of framed artwork, the art transformed into videos containing the clues! Brilliant! It was beyond cool-and it was super helpful in showing us around the massive Dream. It really was an unexpected HIT!

    Photo courtesy NDM 393

  • The Aquaduck. Not surprising, seeing as how it was one of the most touted features of the Dream. My son isn’t old enough to ride it alone, so I accompanied him on our multiple slides. Didn’t require any arm twisting, I assure you. It was a BLAST-once I got past the slightly cold water (the temps were in the 60’s during our trip). Huey, Dewey and Louie would give it “two webbed feet” up 🙂

    Photo courtesy NDM 393

  • Our servers. They are rock stars in our books. Special shout out to Mihailo from Serbia, who went out of his way to entertain the kids, even doing origami out of their menus and showing them magic tricks!
  • Animator’s Palate. By far the most awe-inspiring meal. If you’ve seen Turtle Talk with Crush at the Living Seas, then the same techonology is at work, only this time in the entire restaurant. Nemo and Friends are along for the swim, too-how could you go wrong? (By comparison, the other two restaurants seemed outdated).

    Photo courtesy NDM 393

  • The kids’ clubs. Wow-if only these had been around when I was a kid! Oceaneers Club and Oceaneers Lab were simply teeming with video games, computers, a lightup dance floor, an art/science studio (heck, they make Flubber!) All supervised by energetic and ever so patient CM’s. We owe them a special thank you for our grownups only time at the end of each meal thanks to the Dine & Play program (available after the 8:15 dinner seating).

    Photo courtesy NDM 393

  • The Pirates IN the Caribbean party AND spending time with Captain Jack Sparrow. What a genius idea-naming this Pirate Party after the blockbuster movie franchise! Our pirate bandannas were a nice touch. I was thrilled the kids let me steer them to pirate costumes this year (Angelica and Captain Jack, naturally). And our Jack was SPOT ON in his impression, right down to the mannerisms. My kids were in awe. We were told in advance that this would be an unforgettable evening-and it lived up to its billing.

    Photo courtesy NDM 393

    Photo courtesy NDM 393


I could probably list many more highlights, but then I wouldn’t have a Part 2, now would I? So I’ll leave you with one parting thought. Make your reservations NOW-as far out as possible-to lock in a great deal. And be prepared to get more than your money’s worth! That should come as no surprise to Disney enthusiasts, but I wholeheartedly believe that a Disney cruise captures the best of entertainment, high quality service and excellence that we all expect from Disney. (I would also be more than willing to test this theory on future cruises should DCL need my services-wink, wink!) Next time: Animal Kingdom Lodge, a dinner to die for, and a first-timer’s impressions of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!


Contributed by: Sherry Boswell (NDM#393) Sherry is the DDL Fine Arts Blogger.  She is also the creator of Music to My Ears.

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