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Raised in Minneapolis in the 1960's meant Dean was privileged to a very wonderful period of time. Sunday nights meant Dean's family would gather around the color console TV and watch Walt himself introduce them to an hour of "The Wonderful World of Disney". This is where his imagination was truly ignited. A cartoon showing Goofy driving a car through Autopia was the real hook, he made a request that they go someday. Though that trip didn't happen until he was 14, Disney has always been the place that embraced the kind of dreams he had as a child. Now at 51, father of three and computer guy by trade, he's more passionate than ever to chase his dreams and encourage others to do the same. As owner of Dreamers Empire his goal is to showcase the dreams of folks like you and I.

To chase their dreams, Shawn & Katie Bonneau have done what a lot of us only dream about. In the summer of 2010 they packed their bags and moved from Maine to within one minute of their favorite place on earth. That bold move to just outside the gates of Pop Century sent their dreams skyrocketing above anything they imagined. “We have already blasted way beyond our dreams” says Shawn, whose podcast with wife Katie is netting some incredible guests.

Waltcast: A Disney Podcast began during the summer of 2009 after Katie appeared on an episode of “All About the Mouse” during a listener interview. Both Shawn and Katie had been frequent listeners of numerous Disney podcasts, but after Katie’s appearance on “All About the Mouse”, they both had been bitten by the podcasting bug and wanted to host their own show. Although a direction had not been determined during the early days of the show, it eventually evolved into a show dedicated to bringing up to date news from around the Disney universe, as well as celebrity interviews (voice-actors, members of the company, authors & actors/actresses).

Before booking celebrity guests, Shawn and Katie started talking with other podcasters from around the community. After their first celebrity guest Eddie Carroll (former voice of Jiminy Cricket: 1973-2010), they became confident enough to go even further and now have spoken with the likes of Larry the Cable Guy (“Cars” and “Cars 2”), John Ratzenberger (Every Disney/Pixar movie), Kelsey Grammer (“Toy Story 2”), Melora Hardin (“Hannah Montana: The Movie”), and Jim Cummings (“Princess and the Frog”).

With guests like that and over 100 podcasts under their belt, where do Shawn and Katie hope to have their dreams take them to next? “To live your dream is truly exciting. But, there are more dreams and pursuits on the horizon. If you run out of dreams, what fun is life? You always should have one or two dreams you are chasing.” Shawn is also a singer/songwriter and has had the privilege to play with some famous musicians and had his some of his work played on College and Sirius XM radio stations. “In the Northeast and parts of Ohio and North Carolina people know of me and like my music. I am slowly gaining a fan base in Central Florida as well. I go out and do concerts and make albums and EPs and singles. I am always busy chasing that dream and each passing year seems to push me a little closer to it. Patience gets me through it.”

Shawn and Katie also blog their frequent visits to the parks (4 to 5 a week!) at “We’ll blog about what we did that day and post a list of attractions we did. People find it different and entertaining and we try to keep it separate from the show.”

Contributed by: Dean Rice (NDD#228) Dean is the DDL Dreamers Blogger. He is also the creator of Dreamers Empire.

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