There was a young maiden who relaxed in her family room, surrounded by sisters and parents and domesticated canines, to laugh, to cry…to watch prime time T.V.

Ok, not the Fairy Tale you expected?  This is my own 1980’s version.  I reflect fondly on the days when whole families would come together to watch sitcoms.  Nowadays, television seems to be primarily “adult” or “child” with no real middle ground…or “meeting” ground.  Now, I happen to be a die-hard Phineas and Ferb fan, but lets face it, the days of real gather-together-TV seem to have gone out with the last season of the Cosby Show.  Perhaps it’s because families don’t have time to sit down together at 8pm.  Mark has football practice and Brittney has Gymnastics and dinner is consumed on the road between the two!  Believe me…I know! A girl can wish though, can’t she?

Yes, she can…and my Fairy Godmother wasn’t….er….I mean…Rumplestiltskin didn’t….Oh heck.  I won’t spoil anything.  The point is, there is a show that now comes on Sunday nights- a night we usually happen to be home- and it has enthralled my family back into our Family Ties (yes, I know…that was lame).  It is none other than ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

I could not be more thrilled when my 12 year old daughter excitedly tells me on Sunday afternoon that there are only three more hours until the show comes on!  I love the way that no matter what everyone is doing, when the clock strikes 7:59 they are running into the family room, piling on the couch and yelling for mom and dad to hurry up so they don’t miss a moment…or turn into a pumpkin!

We are a Disney Driven family and Fairy Tales are like magnets to us, but the mystery, grittiness and “reality” are what keep us all enthralled!  I can’t be more pleased that ABC Family has brought back family night around the television.  It gives us quality time together, builds excitement as we talk about it throughout the week and keeps that fairy tale magic alive in a way that my teenager, my husband and the rest of the family enjoy! The best part?  We enjoy it together!


If you’ve missed the first three episodes, you can get caught up before next Sunday on ABC.com.

Contributed by: Ami B. (NDM#381) Ami is the DDL Ethics and Marriage Blogger. She is also the creator of Disney Goddess.

4 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. Agreed Ami. My wife and I generally watch very little television; too much reality for us. But ‘Once Upon A Time’ has us tuning in regularly or catching it the next night via streaming. I hope it enjoys a nice run.

  2. Our Disney Driven family is hooked!  My son likes the way the fairy tales are “mixed together” in fairytale land (Snow White and Cinderella knew each other?) and my wife and I like the transposition into the “real” world and seeing how the fairy tale characters translate in our world (my wife loves Little Red Riding Hood).

  3. My oldest daughter loves “Ruby” as well!  Oh and the way the Evil Queen and Maleficent had the conversation almost as if they were sitting around drinking coffee!  Yep…I’m a fan of the real life spin for sure!

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