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Molly is a proud mommy of three Neurotic Disney Children. Though young in age, she is a veteran Walt Disney World vacation planner. She would classify her life in two parts; on a Disney vacation, or planning one. She first visited her utopia at age 3 and could not imagine her life without it. One of her proudest moments was when her son told her that he wanted to be an Imagineer and she can’t wait until her daughter is old enough to have a favorite Disney princess. She hopes to instill a life long love for Disney in her children and any one else who is willing to have a little faith and trust!

Photo Credit: Molly Beckley

Are your children the type that get the smallest little prick of a scratch and scream out “MOM! I need a Band-Aid!”? Mine are. Band-Aids are used like stickers in this house. I have to hide them so we actually have them when they are really and truly needed! And what could be better to a Neurotic Disney Kid who is Band-Aid happy then ones decorated with Mickey Mouse?! Ppsshh, not much.

You can imagine my boy’s excitement when they got to try out the cool new Mickey themed Band-Aids! They even came in a cool little collectible tin, that I am sure we will be re-filling for years to come! As soon as our cute little package arrived in the mail, I couldn’t keep my little mice’s hands off of them, and actually had to fight them out of their grasp just to save a few! Still, we had loads of fun trying all of the different prints on!

Not only are these boo-boo blasters cute as all get out, but they are Band-Aid brand, so they stay put! Even in water! I know this because somebody refused to take them off during tubby time that night…

If you just need some of these adorable little gems, be sure to visit to hook your little ones up! Also, head on over to the Band-Aid Fan Page on Facebook where you can share your fashion bests and blunders for a chance to win prizes by Cynthia Rowley.

Contributed by: Molly Beckley (NDM#398) Molly is a DDL Planning with Little Ones Blogger. She is also the creator of The Real Disney Mom.

*Special thanks to Smiley 360 for providing a free sample of Mickey Mouse BAND-AID Limited Edition Collector’s Tin for this post.*

One thought on “Mickey Band-Aids Make Mouse-Sized Boo-Boos Feel Better!

  1. I love these Band Aids, and so do my kids who, like your kids, seem to use them at even the tiniest hint of blood. I haven’t seen them in the collectible tin, though, only in a regular box. I want the tin!

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