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JeniLynn was born and raised in South Florida. Being so close to Walt Disney World, she grew up regularly visiting the Mouse and developed a fascination with the creativity of Disney Parks. Noticing that her happiest moments seemed to always take place in Walt Disney World, JeniLynn began trying to recreate the magic of Disney in her everyday life beginning in her pre-teen years. Adulthood, sixteen years of marriage, and three children later, JeniLynn continues to lead a Disney Driven Life and diligently works to pass her love for Disney on to her husband and children. She has blogged for Touring Plans and been a contributing writer for The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, and she currently co-hosts Orlando Attractions Magazine: The Show; however, her primary focus has always been with the community that has grown around her own site, The Disney Driven Life. Through these venues JeniLynn strives to help other Disney fans stay connected to the brand that has served as a keystone in her family’s life.

We are excited to announce that The Disney Driven Life will be launching it’s new site in beta form on November 27th at 1am.  With it we will see the passing of LJ, our unofficial mascot in the chair, and the arrival of our new layout, logo and color scheme.  The site aims to be more user friendly and feature our community on a greater level.  In fact, if you are counted, it’s possible that you might find your very own smiling face on the new site at some point.  Features such as The Confessional and the Official NDP Roster will have a more prominent place, and you can expect to see the continuation of great posts by our panel of bloggers.  Join us for this next step in our journey, and grow with us.

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  1. Dean, 

    Thank you.  That feedback is so helpful.  One of my primary concerns was to emphasize our community.  I want our readers and contributors to clearly understand that we all are a part of The Disney Driven Life…not just a select few that designed the website.

    Also, it is good to hear that you feel it is easy to navigate.  We have quite a lot of content as well as a few different features (other than the blog).  It was becoming cumbersome to locate what was needed with our old layout.  Hopefully, this is a step in the right direction for making it all more accessible.


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