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Molly is a proud mommy of three Neurotic Disney Children. Though young in age, she is a veteran Walt Disney World vacation planner. She would classify her life in two parts; on a Disney vacation, or planning one. She first visited her utopia at age 3 and could not imagine her life without it. One of her proudest moments was when her son told her that he wanted to be an Imagineer and she can’t wait until her daughter is old enough to have a favorite Disney princess. She hopes to instill a life long love for Disney in her children and any one else who is willing to have a little faith and trust!

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Everyone knows I love Disney, but something that everyone doesn’t know is that I LOVE fairies. Especially Tinkerbell. I happen to be on the smallish side, blond haired and blue eyed. So growing up, my dad gave me the nick name “Tink”. Also, fairies (especially Tinkerbell), only have room for one emotion at one time. So they are either VERY happy and pleasant, or VERY upset and not very pleasant to be around. I might be able to admit that this also describes myself. (Only a little! ….) My love for Tinkerbell has lasted since I first watched Peter Pan at the ripe old age of 5, right up to present day, and I now have the honor of raising my own tiny little blond haired, blue eyed Tink!

A few weeks back I was having a down day, and I posted on my Facebook page something like “I am in need of some serious Pixie Dust!”. Wouldn’t you know, just a few hours after I made that my status, Pixie Dust showed up at my front door! One of my dear friends had seen my plea, and took it upon herself to deliver some Pixie Dust directly to me. I was just about as excited as if Tinkerbell had flown from Neverland and brought it to me herself!

So if one of your friends is having a down day, or you know some special little ones who might like to find some Pixie Dust in their Stockings on Christmas morning, you are in luck, because making a jar of Pixie Dust is not hard to do! Start with a small, lidded, glass container of some kind. (You can find these at craft stores, or even an empty baby food jar would do!) Then, fill it with glitter!! You can use whatever glitter you have hanging around the house, or peruse your local craft store and find some that is extra iridescent and sparkly! Then, cut some labels out of contact paper (or use pre-cut address labels, depending on the container you use), and write “Pixie Dust”, and maybe a few cute instructions on them! My friend chose to write “1. Sprinkle 2. Smile 3. Sprinkle More”. You might even want to tie a pretty ribbon around the neck of the container or jar.

I thought this was such a cute way for my friend to show me that she cared, and it really did brighten my day. Whenever I need a quick pick me up, I just take the jar off the shelf, sprinkle a little “Pixie Dust” in my hair, and everything is right with the world again. I hope that you can bring some magic into someone’s life with this fun and easy craft!

Contributed by: Molly Beckley (NDM#398) Molly is a DDL Planning with Little Ones Blogger. She is also the creator of The Real Disney Mom.

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