Jackie G. (NDM#30) (13 Posts)

Jackie grew up in Washington State. She went to Disneyland once as a child when she was thirteen years old but the passion for Disney did not ignite until she visited Disneyland in 2003 with her family and saw the park through the eyes of her own children. Because of this, Jackie became the ‘official’ vacation planner for the family and immediately began planning the next trip. In November of 2007, a big family discussion led to the decision to make the big adventure across the country to Walt Disney World. This venture would require extreme amounts of planning and decision making to the point where lots of research began happening. Thankfully, the Walt Disney World Moms Panel made its debut in January of 2008, making this task much easier. Jackie was in her glory scouring the internet for as much information as she could find to continue planning the family Disney vacations. Just last summer Jackie, her husband, and their two children moved across the country to Savannah,GA mostly due to her husband’s job but partly due to her obsession with the Mouse.

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