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Katie grew up on all things Disney. When she met her future husband she knew that converting him into a disney fan was a must! After a few WDW vacations, Disney history lessons, and lots of Disney peer pressure, she finally had her prince charming loving all things Disney as well. After getting engaged in 2008 on a carriage ride through Fort Wilderness, Katie threw out the idea of getting married in the place where they shared their happiest memories. Two years of planning, and a whole bunch of Disney magic later, they had the most amazing Disney wedding on October 2nd, 2010. Now living at home in New England, Katie keeps the Disney romance alive in her home and is constantly planning romantic vacations to the world. She has her own personal blog www.makingmyfairytale.blogspot.com and is thoroughly excited to start writing for the Disney Driven Life.

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On November 11th 2011 (11/11/11), Disney’s Fairytale Weddings Department had eleven couples married. When I heard this all I could think was… holy moly that’s alot of wedding for one day! I started thinking about all the different things my wedding planner did for me and how much attention to detail went into each and every party of our wedding. It seems unbelieveable that in one day the staff, lead by the Disney wedding planner,  was able to pull of eleven weddings without a hitch!

One rule that the Disney wedding planning team always abides by is that if more than one wedding is going on in a day, none of the couples should EVER run into each other. The reason being, that they want each bride and groom to feel like they are the only couple being married and that they truly are a prince and princess for the day. Our photographer took a picture of our names on the events board at both the Boardwalk and the Grand Floridian and we were definitely not the only couple to get married on October 2nd 2010, but we saw not even a flower petal left behind from any of the other weddings going on that day. I know that WDW is a big place, but a bride and groom kind of stand out in a crowd! Given the fact that this rule is very important to the Disney Fairytale Weddings Department, I don’t know how, but they DID keep all eleven bridal parties from seeing each other that day. They deserve some major praise for that!

I have nothing but amazing things to say about our experience with our wedding planner and the team of vendors we had. Every bride goes through so much anxiety and worry about their wedding day, I know I did! But my wedding planner always made time to call or email me and make sure all of my needs were met and that I was calm and knew everything would be alright. I don’t know how many wedding planners are Disney employees but I’m going to assume that with eleven weddings in one day each wedding planner had at least two weddings on their plate for that day. I am sure they worked overtime to make sure their brides and grooms were happy and that they knew that no matter how many weddings went on that day they were still going to be taken care of. I truly feel that those wedding planners are personal fairy godmothers to each and every Disney bride.

Taking on eleven weddings in one day is quite a tall order, but in true Disney fashion they made every wedding that day feel like it was out of a fairytale.

Contributed by: Katie Zwicker (NDW#70) Katie is the DDL Weddings and Honeymoon Blogger. She is also the creator of  Making My Fairy Tale.

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