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Elantrice was born and raised in Middle Georgia. Even thought Disney World was about six hours away, trips were made to the place where Elantrice fell in love with a Mouse. Disney was a place of excitement and fun during her teenager years. Adulthood, job, and “auntie” to two handsome godsons later, Elantrice’s love for Disney continues to grow and have a presence in her daily routine. She shares her love of Disney with others by giving tips to newbies, assisting one godson in collecting Disney pins and Vinylmation, and now being the shopping blogger for The Disney Driven Life. Elantrice’s goal is to spread her knowledge of this wonderful brand to others that has played a key part in her life.

As a Christmas gift to myself last year, I purchased a Special Edition Keurig from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  I heard so much about this single service coffee machine from Disney peeps on Twitter.  I had to learn what K cups were and there are over 100 varieties of coffee, plus coffee and tea.  So with some knowledge of what this machine could do, I set out with a couple of 20% off coupons from Bed, Bath, & Beyond to make this purchase.
I do not regret the choice I made.
I am partial to Café Mocha and dark/medium roast coffee.  Starbucks recently started selling K cups for the Keurig.  By now you are wondering how this ties into being a Neurotic Disney Individual.  Well the coffee has to fall into a Disney mug.  I usually start my day at 5 a.m. with coffee in one of my Disney mugs.  I usually set the timer on my Keurig to begin heating the water and by the time I make it downstairs, I just have to pop in which flavor of coffee I would like.  In a flash I am heading back upstairs to read work emails and cruise Twitter.

I have started collecting Disney mugs and want to buy at least one mug a trip. I have several resort refillable mugs that I use as travel mugs.  Do not worry; I will not go into the refillable mug debate here.  This post is all about coffee made at home.  I have managed to make Disney and Keurig related in a sense.  They go hand and hand to provide me with a coffee fix and Disney fix in the mornings.

Below are pictures of some of my Disney mugs:

Photo Courtesy: Elantrice H.


Photo Courtesy: Elantrice H.


Photo Courtesy: Elantrice H.


Contributed by: Elantrice Hughley (NDI#132) Elantrice is the DDL Shopping Blogger.

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