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Raised in Minneapolis in the 1960's meant Dean was privileged to a very wonderful period of time. Sunday nights meant Dean's family would gather around the color console TV and watch Walt himself introduce them to an hour of "The Wonderful World of Disney". This is where his imagination was truly ignited. A cartoon showing Goofy driving a car through Autopia was the real hook, he made a request that they go someday. Though that trip didn't happen until he was 14, Disney has always been the place that embraced the kind of dreams he had as a child. Now at 51, father of three and computer guy by trade, he's more passionate than ever to chase his dreams and encourage others to do the same. As owner of Dreamers Empire his goal is to showcase the dreams of folks like you and I.

With a website address that contains TheEnemyIsGood, a lot of people ask Connie M. which enemy is that? Connie laughs and points out how her blog started with a typo, she meant to nab “The Enemy is Food.” But with her new blog formally titled “Life is a Journey” in place, Connie was ready to blog, and embrace what she loved.

“The blog originally was started as a way for me to make a food diary but I gave up that idea when I realized that I am a sensory person and loved the sight, smell and taste of food. So…instead of trying to lose weight by dieting, I embraced my love of food but developed a new respect for it,” Connie said. “Slowly, I began to write less and less about food and now only occasionally include a photo of something I am enjoying on one of my little exploratory trips around Southern California. Or Disneyland!”

Having an enthusiastic Disney dad and living in Southern California helped Connie develop a lifelong love of Disneyland.

“I was lucky. My father eagerly watched the television broadcasts about the coming of Disneyland and could hardly wait to visit this new creation,” Connie said. “My parents and I visited Disneyland for the first time in September of 1955. Of course, I have no recollection of that event because I was only 4 months old but lucky for me, my dad fell in love with the Park and we went as often as we could.”

Having grown up in that era, I think many of us remember not asking for stuff, even little things. Fortunately for Connie, she had a generous dad.

“I very vividly remember being a little tyke of approximately 5 or 6 years old and running up to my dad as he was doing yard work and asking if we could go to Disneyland and he would say YES!”

Reflecting back through the years Connie is at a loss to remember a low moment. Two memories, however, provided some truly magical moments in her love for Disney.

“The first occurred early in 2010 when one of my blog followers emailed me directly to say that my photos brought him much joy. He grew up in Southern California and then moved away for a job opportunity and did not realize how much he missed the area until he started following my blog. He said he would print out some of my photos and hang them up in his den. I was totally and completely blown away and flattered at the same time. It was then, that I knew….Ya, this is what I am meant to be doing.”

“Around the same time, I discovered a podcast that was structured around Disneyland. I was and still am a big fan but lucky for me, I eventually met and became friends with the people that produce this podcast and so I was asked to be one of their photographers. A year later, I blatantly ‘hinted’ to them that I would love to be a part of the podcast and they asked me to join. Yay! So now I am living the dream of being on the air, LOL.”

With a dream of taking her blog and photography to new heights, Connie continues to pursue what she truly loves. “It’s a simple blog about nothing in particular yet encompasses the things I love which are Disneyland, travel, writing and food, in no particular order.”

You can follow all of Connie’s work at The Enemy is Good, DisneyLand Gazette, Soldiers Angels and Crazy Horse Memorial.

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