A Mickey shaped pool. A backyard safari adventure. A pirates life for you. Sure all of this can be found within the Walt Disney World Resort, but what if you could walk into your own backyard and find the same kind of magic day after day?

Well, friends, it looks like HGTV and Disney are ready to spread a little more pixie dust around the country as they will soon be filming another season of My Yard Goes Disney. And why shouldn’t they pick you?

You’ve heard of backyard makeovers, but if you’ve never seen My Yard Goes Disney on HGTV, then get ready for a treat. Designers surprise lucky homeowners every week, and even Disney Imagineers get into the fun as they bring the magic of the Mouse straight into neighborhood backyards around the country!

Sounds great, right? Well then what are you waiting for? The Disney Driven Life isn’t going anywhere, but I can assure you that this once in a lifetime opportunity won’t last forever. If you are interested, applying is SIMPLE! Keep arms and hands inside the vehicle and head over to: Jay TV.

All you need to do is fill out the application, include a picture of your family and also include a WIDE picture of your backyard. I spoke with the casting agent.  He tells me that videos are also welcome.  And from my experience with TV, I would say a great video showing your passion, personality and love of Disney will go a LONG way! Always remember (and this is coming from a producer) don’t over-edit the video.  Just be sincere and honest.  Let the producers edit the video.  After all, it’s what they are paid to do.

So who’s going to try? I think you would be crazy not to.  Remember if you get picked, please share your story with all of us on the Disney Driven Life!

*This guest post was contributed by Jeff M., our Disney Programming Blogger.  For further information, please contact Jeff at ddltube@thedisneydrivenlife.com*



2 thoughts on “My Yard Goes Disney

  1. I gotta tell you – I really hope you get it if for no other reason that we can live our lives vicariously through you and your entire family :-)!  Best of luck!  Keep us posted here if you are contacted!

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