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With only one year to her name, Hannah made her first trip to Disneyland with her family. She has loved Disney and being in Disney Parks ever since. As a little girl, her fascination primarily manifested as Cinderella and Aladdin movie-watching marathons. These days her obsession expresses itself more in the way of collecting Disney Pins and Vinylmation. So while her heart no longer pounds at the sight of her favorite childhood princess, Jasmine, her Disney obsession is still as strong (if not stronger). As a teen, she avidly shares her love of Disney with others who always laugh when she explains her addiction. Fond memories are what keeps Hannah's Disney Spirit alive. She remembers walking down Disneyland Main Street and seeing Sleeping Beauty castle for the first time, and it is one of her favorite things to recall.

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I have a confession: I begun a new journey in my life. It’s not ending world hunger or saving the polar bears. It’s not even figuring out how to stop autocorrect from being so annoying! No, this journey is much smaller, but it’s still important to me. It has one thousand steps. All of them are tiny, but I have spent about five hours working on my journey and have probably gone a little more than one hundred steps.

Perhaps, a better word for these steps is what they are in reality: puzzle pieces. Yes, I have begun a one thousand piece puzzle of Mickey Mouse. However, this is no ordinary one thousand piece Mickey Mouse puzzle. No, this puzzle is a photo mosaic. The pieces make up miniscule scenes from Disney movies, which in turn create Mickey Mouse. It’s a beautiful puzzle, each piece reminding me of a different memory (once I can figure out the movie it’s from, that is!).

Not only is it lovely in it’s outward appearance, but it also has special meaning to me because it was given to me by a very dear friend of mine.

As I’ve been working on it, I’ve realized that my friend not only gave me a super cute Mickey Mouse puzzle, she’s given me a journey. Yes, I know it sounds cheesy but working on the puzzle is a wonderful, relaxing thing for me to do.

However, if you’re at my house when I’m working on it you may (or may not) hear sounds of frustration coming from the dining room. As you can tell by the picture I’ve still got quite a long way to go until I reach my destination, but I’m loving the journey!

4 thoughts on “My Newest Journey

  1. My hubby and did this one back in 2007 while we were waiting for our upcoming trip to Disney World. It was a great way to spend our time and work together. We got it framed and it now hangs proudly in our daughter’s room. Good luck… that thing was a doozy! 😉

  2. We’ve got that one and the Snow White photo mosaic puzzles.  The HARDEST puzzles we’ve done yet.  SUPER tough.  Stick with it!!

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