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Over 100 million people can’t be wrong, so it’s official. Sunday’s Super Bowl between the New York Giants and New England Patriots is the most watched TV show in U.S. history (estimated at 111.3 million people).

Now that the big game is behind us, it’s time to celebrate the season in which networks beg for our attention with new episodes from our favorite shows. That’s right!  It’s SWEEPS!  And ABC is no different.  They want your eyeballs on both the network and online.  This month they are hoping to get just that from fans of one of ABCs favorite families, Modern Family. 

There’s a cool little promotion online right now, and if you like Modern Family, you can’t miss this. The new Modern Family Memory Book gives you a chance to view never-before-seen videos, photos and scrapbook type content that you can’t get anywhere else! If you watch Modern Family and think you know everything, think again because this is all brand new and will help you get to know your favorite family a little bit better.  With every new episode there will be new content to check out, starting with this week, airing Wednesday night at 9pm.

I can tell you this much: If you’ve never watched the show, it’s really a treasure. Modern Family was one of those shows that just launched out of the gate with a bang three years ago. Critics love it!  Even the President of the United States has said it is his favorite show to watch with his family. The laughs do not disappoint, and it’s tame enough so that the whole family can enjoy it. Plus you can count on a positive message at the end of every episode. (Some of the content may be a bit much for the younger NDKs, so as with any entertainment media, parental supervision is always advised.)

Check it out, and let me know what you think.  Until next time, have a great week and please feel free to reach out to me with suggestions on content you would like to read about! Who signed up for the My Yard Goes Disney casting? Good luck!

*This guest post was contributed by Jeff M., our Disney Programming Blogger.  For further information, please contact Jeff at*

2 thoughts on “Modern Family

  1. I’m with you, this show is a riot! I’m finding less time for TV these days, but I always find enough time each week for my Modern Family fix.  (Don’t tell anyone, but I was just like Manny when I was a young lad!)

  2. Derek your secret is clearly safe with me :-)!  Glad you love the show – I have to say it really is a guilty pleasure and that is saying a lot because I find myself let down quite a bit with what is on TV these days.  I officially gave up on Alcatraz this week.

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