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Happy Valentine’s Day out there, Disney fans.  I hope some of you have been lucky enough to see the LOVE addition to the nighttime castle show inside the Magic Kingdom.  From what I understand, this will continue to run through April when a new summer themed addition will take its place.  I love the idea of having something so interactive that changes multiple times a year within in the parks.  I must admit that when I saw the show during the initial testing of the projectors I wasn’t entirely sold, but with image tweaks and a better story, I won’t miss it anytime I’m within the Magic Kingdom.

Using the word “castle” and then exploiting it as a horrible segue for the real purpose of this post was not my original intent, yet that is what we have here.  (insert canned applause)
February is generally a great time to be a TV fan because it is “Sweeps” season, and most networks come out double barrel guns firing.  ABC is no different; hence, the segue into discussing their show, Castle.  I am not going to sit here and tell you that I’ve ever even seen Castle before, but the promos always seem to intrigue. If anyone does watch, please leave a comment below this post and let me know what I am/or am not missing.
But wait this isn’t just a post to get you to try out some ABC/Disney entertainment.  Oh no!  It’s much more than that!  While I just said it is a great time to be a TV fan . . . it’s an incredible time to be a MEDIA fan in general.  With more eye balls being torn away from traditional network broadcasts, every day broadcast television has to give us a little more to get us media savvy viewers excited.
If you are already a fan of Castle, then this should excite you.  And if you’ve never watched an episode, then maybe this will piqué your interest.  I would have to say social media sites like Facebook and Foursquare have led to this, but people love games and badges.  It’s as simple as that, and so that is where Club Castle comes in.
So what is Club Castle you ask?  Well, you see, it is the place where you are actually rewarded for being a fan!  And what fan doesn’t like additional special content of their favorite show?  It’s part game/part fan club, but it is all Castle . . . all the time.  You can earn points, badges, levels and  gain access to special show content rewards. If all that isn’t enough, you can win Castle related prizes as well – and who doesn’t love free stuff ?
The whole thing looks really cool as you advance from an Officer all the way through becoming the Chief of Police when you acquire enough points.  So if any of you could be my guinea pig, I would love to know what you think!
Check out Club Castle  right now before tonight’s episode.  Castle airs every Monday night at 10 eastern on ABC.
And if you need a laugh after fighting crime, well don’t forget about Modern Family.
Watch a new extended scene from this week’s episode.
And like I said – now THIS show is truly funny and a joy – if you’ve never seen it – give it a chance and let us know what you think in the comments.
*This guest post was contributed by Jeff M., our Disney Programming Blogger.  For further information, please contact Jeff at*

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