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Just another rainy Sunday afternoon in Knox-vegas, TN so I’m unspooling yee olde faithful DVR and I got to thinking.

I’m not sure I’m proud of it but I classify myself as an “above average” consumer of media.  Maybe it has something to do with what I do for a living (TV producer).  I can rationalize that it’s “research” (insert laugh track).  Either way, the fact of the matter is – I watch a lot of TV, go to plenty of movies, play my fair share of games and, much like you friendly reader, am always trolling this ever-crazy Internet machine.

The interesting that crossed my mind when I was catching up on Revenge (and I don’t care if you think it’s a “girls show”), is that ABC and Disney are really getting their act together. Almost every scripted drama show I make it a point to watch is an ABC show.  They could use some help in the comedy department (with the exception of the fabulous “Modern Family”) but when it comes to Drama it does look like they have found some solid replacements for departing Desperate Housewives and slowly eroding Grey’s.

They seem to have a little bit for everyone starting with a new episode Sunday of “Once Upon a Time”. If you aren’t watching this show and you call yourself a NDI or ND…anything you are truly missing out.  Much like Hidden Mickeys in the parks there are some really nice hidden gems throughout the show that will make any fan of the mouse smile. Last weeks Beauty and the Beast homage was especially fantastic in my opinion with the nod to poor little “Chip”.

I already talked about it above but if fantasy isn’t your thing perhaps a soapy revenge story is.  “Revenge” shot out of the gate hard and while I think they have been undergoing some growing pains in the writing department. I can’t remember last block cliffhangers like this show brings week after week.  And isn’t that what it’s all about – getting your eyes back on the screen for the next episode?

So what’s missing? How about something for the guys?  ABC once again delivered a few weeks back with a little help from Paranormal Activity creators with part horror/survival, part family fun (OK that’s a stretch but two characters are looking for their father) “The River”.   “The River” fuses a popular movie genre (found footage) and throws in a memorable feeling of “LOST” (without the whole annoying purgatory thing).  After only a couple of weeks I had already given up on Fox’s Alcatraz in favor of “The River”.  The acting is far superior and the writing is way more suspenseful.

And for this year they aren’t finished.  Coming up on the slate is something called “Missing” and if the trailers are any indication (which they often times are not), this is going to be a week after week Hollywood blockbuster for the small screen full of explosions and suspense.  I also came across this bit of news the other morning, which sounds like an excellent companion piece for The River provided they renew it next season:

ABC’s supernatural pilot 666 Park Avenue tapped former Lost star Terry O’Quinn to star as the historic apartment building’s owner, Gavin.

So what’s the point of this?  Just some ramblings I suppose to take my mind off of the weather today, but I’m also curious what my other NDI’s like to watch for entertainment every week, maybe I’m missing something. Sure you can call me a Disney ABC fan boy and while that is true – I have pretty discriminating tastes when it comes to television/media entertainment and it just feels like with this Fall season ABC has a bunch of winners on their hands.

Now on the big screen let’s hope John Carter isn’t one big flop J!

I hope to see some of you this weekend for The Disney Princess Half Marathon – just think  we’ll all be sipping on tasty adult beverages to celebrate the accomplishment!  Good luck – and if you are running or ever want to ramble on and on about TV please feel free to reach out at – ddltube@thedisneydrivenlife.com


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