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Feb 28 (29), 2012

PhotoCredit:Walt Disney

Couple of things – happy birthday to me and happy one more Disney day to you!  I can’t believe I am writing this from 35k feet and didn’t extend my trip one day so I could be part of the “magic” … but I trust there will be plenty of pictures to go around!


Anyway, I know I’m generally the TV guy and all, but I hope you will forgive me if I stray away from the media just a bit today because I feel like I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what a truly wonderful experience the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon was.  (I’m not THAT much of a couch potato, thank you very much!)


Many of you have already asked me if I was out here wearing a tutu and in short the answer is no … but the longer answer is – just wait until next year, because I’ll be taking that tutu thing to an entirely different level for a dude J!


And if I can tangent for one second for all you guys out there – mainly you single guys.  I got quite a bit of flack for signing up for “the princess” in the first place, but let me break it down for you like this.  When a race is ninety five percent woman and you are part of five percent that is male and you are single … is there any better race you could think of to sign up FOR?!  Think about it!  This whole event is like match.com on steroids if you play your cards right!


Ok I’m back.  The hardest part was waking up at 3am (especially when Magic Kingdom is open until 1am and all I want to do is ride the People Mover four more times).  That said, I had to make it out for a 4am bus, but once that bit of unpleasantness was out of the way, the entire event was spectacular in every fashion and Disney ran everything like a fine oiled machine.


From pre-show entertainment, to keeping you moving in your corrals,  the group stretch, to the camaraderie felt when you are standing outside with 19,000 plus like minded people, the excitement iscontagious and you almost forget you are about to run 13.1 miles!


If you’ve never run a half marathon I cannot suggest enough a Run Disney event for your rookie try.  It’s flat compared to most parts of the country, and you won’t find more eye candy on any other races.  From pirates to princesses, DJs to live bands, there’s something new to see around every corner (and at least ever half mile).  When you feel like you can’t go any further, there will always be cast members cheering you on and if running through Cinderella’s castle as the sun comes up wont get your blood pumping you better check yourself out because you just might be dead inside!


So what’s the point of this?  Well as the best episode of The River on ABC yet is set to hit the airwaves Wednesday night, take a little time for your mind and body.  Get active. Get outside. Walk around, then walk around some more. Now, throw in a slow jog and before you know it you’ll be part of almost 20k strong. The sense of pride and accomplishment in yourself that comes with finishing your first half marathon is something you’ll never forget.

Photo Credit: The ABC Company

Now to keep it at least somewhat media/TV related – ABC has released the cast information for Dancing With The Stars … which unfortunately you won’t hear a whole lot of me talking about because well – I don’t watch it – but if you haven’t heard this information yet,  here’s your cast:


The 14th season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars unveiled a celebrity cast of twelve including former Melrose Place star, Jack Wagner; Melissa Gilbert, best known for her role in the TV series Little House on the Prairie; Sherri Shepherd, current co-host on ABC’s The View; Jaleel White, best remembered playing Steve Urkel on the sitcom Family Matters; tennis star Martina Navratilova; TV host Maria Menounos; Motown Grammy Award-winner Gladys Knight; opera singer Katherine Jenkins; Disney star Roshon Fegan; NFL Super Bowl champ Donald Driver; singer/songwriter Gavin DeGraw; and telenovela actor William Levy.  Dancing with the Stars premieres its 14th season March 19 at 8p on ABC.


One more TV update and I’m actually really looking forward to this show; let’s hope it isn’t awful because the plot synopsis sounds fabulous (these notes come from Cynopsis a daily TV newsletter):


Former Charlie’s Angels co-star Rachael Taylor landed a co-starring role on ABC’sdrama pilot 666 Park Avenue.  Taylor will play Jane married to Henry (Dave Annabele), the couple who is hired to manage an historic apartment building in New York City filled with supernatural occurrences.  Lost’s Terry O’Quinn will play the owner of the building.  Warner Bros. Television is producing.

Former Brothers & Sisters cast member Dave Annable is staying put with ABC and was tapped for the drama thriller pilot 666 Park Avenue.  Annable will play one half of a young couple that becomes managers of an historic apartment building in New York City that is filled with supernatural occurrences.  Recently-announced Terry O’Quinn (Lost) is also involved as a co-star in the pilot.


Finally – Beauty and the Beast:

Scottish actor/singer Darius Campbell was tapped to play the “beast” in ABC’s Beauty and the Beast pilot.  Campbell’s role is Shiro, a beastly bodyguard who forms an unlikely bond with an embattled princess named Grace (role has not been cast yet).

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