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Sherry’s an unashamed Disneyaholic! Her earliest memories of Disney World include meeting Mickey and Minnie aboard the Empress Lilly Steamboat (now Fulton’s Crab House), the luau (complete with shell lei), and of course, Hoop de Doo! She has specialized in DisneyWorld experiences, ranging from childhood, teenager, college, newlywed, and mom. (Though she wishes she had been more persistent that her friends go with her to Disneyland Paris!) Interesting factoids: her dog’s real name is “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (Cali for short) and she is still pinching herself from her stay in Bay Lake Tower’s Grand Villa. (Second only to the Castle Suite, no doubt!) But don’t tell the kids about THAT one: Sherry and hubby Clay snuck away for a “grownups only” trip to the World and finally checked something off her bucket list: the Keys to the Kingdom tour and seeing the Utilidors. Best. Day. Ever!

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For the past few months, I’ve been in a funk. Of the “I don’t know when my next Disney trip is going to be” kind. I know many of you can relate to what I am laying down-it can be debilitating, numbing, and heartbreaking. OK, so maybe I am being a tad melodramatic (I think not) but FINALLY I have managed to emerge from my writer’s block/self-imposed hiatus to write about…you guessed it…my next Disney vacation!

I am simultaneously thrilled and also a bit embarassed at how excited I am to be embarking on a Disney Divas weekend without the kids…yes, that is total decadence because for four delicious days, I will only have to take care of myself. No having to pack for the family or be concerned about where the minions are at any given moment…AHHHH, just me and my Disney peeps. Actually, most of us have only gotten to know one another online, so it will be added bonus to meet each other face to face and share adventures. Oh yeah, and I’ve signed up to run the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10miler. Which I originally thought was a 10K. And I’m never done a race before. (You can laugh at me now). Funny what a big difference the distance makes: metric conversion didn’t work in my favor there! So I’ve begun my training and I have less than 5 months to get my non-runner physique whipped into shape. Hey I was happy the other day that I ran 2 miles! I’m 1/5 of the way there 🙂 Look at the cool medal that runDisney has crafted-I especially love the glow in the dark windows!

I realize just how important it is for me to have this Disney trip on the horizon, even if the 10 miler does also loom in the distance! So tell me, are you saving for that dream Disney experience (like Aulani, the Fantasy, or an Adventures by Disney trek)? A friend recently shared a tip to help save year round: she stockpiles Disney gift cards from Target throughout the year. Unfortunately, not all Targets have these, but my grocery store, Publix, does! Suddenly I foresee my grocery bills being higher than normal 😉 Any tips you want to share–hit me with them!



4 thoughts on “Run, Disney Diva, Run!

  1. Sherry Can’t wait to meet you at Diva Weekend! I feel like a little kid going to WDW for the very first time!  The gift card tip works! For the last year or so, every week when I go to the store I throw in a $25 gift card and it adds up fast. I try to add a $50 to the basket at least once a month. It was so much fun handing the POR desk clerk my piles and piles of gift cards when I checked in last month, and I still had cards left, which of course I am saving for our Diva Weekend!

  2. ooh-another ringing endorsement of the gift card! I better start saving up now because we will be needing them-can’t wait for the weekend and to meet you!

  3. Go for it! As someone who is definitely no runner, just the thought of a runDisney race is extra incentive for me on my training runs. Just don’t bite off too much at one time like I did! I highly recommend starting with a 5K (just sayin’)

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