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Elantrice was born and raised in Middle Georgia. Even thought Disney World was about six hours away, trips were made to the place where Elantrice fell in love with a Mouse. Disney was a place of excitement and fun during her teenager years. Adulthood, job, and “auntie” to two handsome godsons later, Elantrice’s love for Disney continues to grow and have a presence in her daily routine. She shares her love of Disney with others by giving tips to newbies, assisting one godson in collecting Disney pins and Vinylmation, and now being the shopping blogger for The Disney Driven Life. Elantrice’s goal is to spread her knowledge of this wonderful brand to others that has played a key part in her life.

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As you have read, I am a Disney shopper.  It can get expensive at times, especially with no budget set.  I have learned to use Disney gift cards to assist me with no getting caught up in the “magic of Disney merchandise.”  I set a budget, load the amount on the card, and cross my fingers that I can stick to it.  I have been successful at times and others I had to reload the gift card before the end of the trip. The gift card can be reloaded at most registers on property.  Besides using the card to stick to a budget, it is easy to use in stores, resorts, restaurants, and most snack carts.  I also like the fact that I do not have to count out cash or carry around all the coin change as a result of using cash.  However, remember to treat your gift card as cash.

I purchased my Disney gift card from DisneyStore.com.  I personalized it with a picture I took on one trip.  It does offer a special touch and gets the attention of Cast Members.

Photo Credit: EH

I also discovered a free Disney gift card app for the iPhone.  I am not sure if it is available for other smart phones. It becomes a chore to keep up with receipts to know your balance. You add your gift card or cards, give it/them a name, and it lists the balance. The app will also list the recent transactions.  At the present time, you cannot reload the gift card using this app.

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