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Riley McDaniel grew up in Corpus Christi, TX in a low-socioeconomic household and one of the favorite family activites was to watch The Wonderful World of Disney (along with it's other reincarnations) on Sunday nights. Although the family couldn't afford to take a trip to Disney World made it his dream to one day see that magical world. This dream served as one of the many aspirations to do well in school and attend college. Today, Riley has a masters degree in Library Science and serves as a librarian at Red Oak High School in Red Oak Texas where he continues to give Disney as a source of inspiration to students. His family, a lovely wife, eleven year old son and seven year old daughter, lovingly refer to themselves as Disney Geeks. They can regularly be found hosting Disney parties whether it's for simply the premier of the Phineas and Ferb movie or a child's birthday party. As members of the Disney Vacation club (Wilderness Lodge home resort) the family can be found at Disney World once a year and Riley gives mini-seminars on planning the perfect Disney vacation.

Recently DVCNEWS.com ran a debate on member treatment asking if DVC members ever felt like second-class citizens due to the fact that we miss out on many opportunities offered to cash guests on a regular basis, such as later check in, housekeeping, free meal plans, etc. Many argued that we don’t get enough perks considering the huge amount of up-front cash we give to join the club.

See the discussion here: Member Treatment

Personally, I have never felt like a second-class citizen, but I have felt like the perks could use some improvement. For me, I have never caught the allure of the popular DVC benefit of pool hopping, but we make one trip a year and spend as much time in the parks as possible. Where is the WOW benefit for our investment?!

WELL, GOOD NEWS!! Two new perks were announced on Wednesday September 12, 2012, for DVC members: Ongoing Merchandise Discounts and Temporary $300 Discount on Annual Passes!

If you are like me and your Disney trip could also double as a Christmas shopping adventure, then you will love the 10% discount beginning October 1, 2012, at Disney owned merchandise locations throughout Disney World, Disneyland, and all Disney resorts. There are, of course, exceptions, and I will add these at the end of the posting, and unfortunately you can’t use the discount in conjunction with any other offers. This is a big deal to me as we are going near Thanksgiving and can only imagine the amount of Christmas gifts we will be mailing home.

A second new benefit gives the opportunity to purchase an annual pass for only $399. My family of four could have annual passes for $1600, while we were going to buy discounted tickets for our upcoming trip for about $1000 (did not include park hopper). I am sensing the need for an additional trip this coming year. This is a huge savings!

Benefits like these demonstrate to me Disney isn’t just going to take our Club fees and forget about us.

Listed below are the exceptions to the 10% discount as published on the DVC website:
**Discount is not valid on previous purchases or on purchases of ticket media, gift certificates, Disney Gift Cards, Park Admission, Arcades, Disney Dollars, tobacco, alcohol, Outdoor Vending (e.g., in-Park balloon vendors, glow vendors), Add-a-Dollar (Wildlife Conservation Fund), postage stamps, rentals (e.g., strollers, ECV), personalization, Disney’s PhotoPass® Online, framed Disney Dollars, Artist Sketch Program (original art), original or consignment art, newspapers/periodicals, videos, DVDs, CDs, sundries, pantry/prepared foods, digital/video/disposable cameras, consumer electronics, Titleist® and Cobra® golf equipment, National branded fragrances, treatments and cosmetics, Lladro, Armani, Hummel, Swarovski® Crystal, Walt Disney Classics Collection, select collectible originals, handmade items, special orders, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and Pirate League packages, shipping or taxes. A valid DVC Member ID must be presented at time of purchase to receive discount. May not be combined with any other discount, offer, or promotion.

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  1. That $399 is for a PREMIUM annual pass too making it an unbelievable score of the century!! It’s even less money than renewing our regular DVC AP’s!!!!! Woot!!!!! Insanely excited!!!!!!!

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