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You can’t believe how quickly your little one is growing up, but it’s almost time to celebrate another birthday in the life of your child. This year, your child is really interested in Wall-E, so you decide to throw a birthday party based on that theme.The Invitations
From start to finish, you want to incorporate the theme into the party. If you search online or in the local party store, you’ll find plenty of suitable options for such invitations. A Wall-E invitation can let the recipients know that it’s themed; however, you might want to make the theme a bit more overt. For example, you could write “Please join us for an “off the wall” time at Pete’s Wall-E birthday party!”

The Cake
When you want to have a customized cake made, it’s always a good idea to start contacting bakeries well in advance of the party date. Some bakeries might not me able to make the design, so you’ll need to give other ones a ring. Ask the bakery to draw a picture of your child’s favorite characters from Wall-E on the cake. These cakes can actually also be three dimensional, which will really make your child’s eyes light up. However, such customized cakes can get rather pricey. Fortunately for you, Wall-E cake pans are out there on the market allowing you to make your own cake.

To really get into the vibe of the party, ask all of your guests to come dressed as their favorite Wall-E character. It’s a good idea to write this on the invitation but to also remind parents when they RSVP. You don’t want one child to feel left out of the party because he or she isn’t dressed up. A couple of other snafus exist with this idea. All of the children might not know Wall-E, so these individuals wouldn’t have a favorite character. Additionally, costumes can be quite expensive, and parents may not have the extra money right now. In that case, have a costume box set up at the party. Everyone can dress in costume upon arriving at the party. This is the best route to take unless you know that everyone can easily get a Wall-E costume before hand.

Party Fun
Games are an important part of any child’s birthday party. You could play some Wall-E trivia with slightly older children, or do a “Pin the Tail on the Wall-E” game with pretty much any age group. Little ones love prizes, so award them to the winners. Find a recording of your child’s favorite songs from the movie, and have all of the children play freeze dance to the tunes. Hang up plenty of Wall-E decorations to enhance the mood.

Hosting a Wall-E birthday party for your child is an excellent way to make him or her extra happy this year. Theme parties work well because they really help you to narrow down the details for the party and to make it an extra fun day for everyone.

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