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Ryan P. is a South Jersey resident and a big time Disney fan, especially of Walt Disney World in Florida. Ryan survives life as a seminary student by listening to Disney music, and by staying up to date with all Disney news. He has recently convinced his art-teacher wife to come out of denial and to embrace her inner-mouse. He especially loves discovering other people’s hidden Disney fanaticism. His favorite park is the Magic Kingdom, and his favorite Disney films are Enchanted and Aladdin. When not reading or listening to information or music related to Disney, Ryan can be found buried in schoolwork (especially ancient languages). He hopes to be able to provide an unbiased voice to praise the magic of Disney, but also to point out areas where Disney may need some TLC. He hopes one day to make it to Disneyland, and to see for himself that California truly does exist.

So, you just had the time of your… or maybe it was a while ago.  Either way, you have a wait till you’re back at the happiest place on earth, and you need something to ease the wait.  One of the best ways to make your days magical in-between trips is with listening to Disney music.  But with a ton of Disney music out there, it can be daunting to find the music that best captures the essence and magic of Disney, especially the magic of Walt Disney World.  Here’s a quick look at at few Disney CDs  (and an internet radio station) that do a great job of easing the wait between till your next Disney trip.

4 Parks CD front

Four Parks – One World

If you could only get one CD to remind you of the Disney Parks magic, Four Parks – One World is that CD.  It’s actually a double disc containing music from all four of the Disney parks in Florida and it includes music music from current attractions as well as some favorites which no longer exist.  It is definitely worth checking out.


Official Album

The Official Album – Disneyland & Walt Disney World

The Official Album – Disneyland and Walt Disney World is one of a handful of Disney Parks CDs that is out-of-print.  What makes this collection of music very special is that almost all of the songs are from attractions that no longer exist, or have received updated soundtracks.  Among the great songs on this CD are “One Little Spark” from the original version of Journey Into Imagination, as well as the original version of the title song from the Canada film.  While this, and other similar collections are out of print, you can still find them on Ebay and Amazon… and sometimes even for a reasonable price!



Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Perhaps Disney’s Animal Kingdom is your favorite park, or perhaps you want park music that is mostly instrumental, then this collection of music is worth checking out.  This CD contains a relatively new collection of music from throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and only one song on the CD has lyrics (but that one song is a bit of a doozy).



Wishes – A Magical Gathering Of Disney Dreams

Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams contains the soundtrack to the very popular evening fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.  The soundtrack is a mix of music as well as sound clips from classic Disney movies.  If you wish to relive the feeling of watching fireworks in the Magic Kingdom, this is the CD for you!



Magic Kingdom – Event Party Music

I am a big fan of Wishes.  But, there are other shows at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World that have soundtracks with an extra dose of magic.  Magic Kingdom – Event Party Music contains the soundtracks to HalloWishes; Dream Along With Mickey; Magic, Music, and Mayhem (my personal favorite) and many more!


Classic Disney

Classic Disney

Of course, many Disney films have outstanding soundtracks and can give you a Disney fix, even if the music is directly tied to the parks.  The Classic Disney  collections are five CDs of music primarily from Disney films (though a few songs from the parks do make it on to the CDs).  Admittedly, the earlier CDs in the collection seem to have the best mix of music.



Everybody Wants To Be A Cat: Disney Jazz Volume 1

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat: Disney Jazz is something entirely different.  This is neither music from the parks, nor straight from the films, but instead is a collection of thirteen songs from Disney films in impressive jazz arrangements.  The songs are especially great when you could use a slightly different take of Disney music.  This CD is labeled “Volume 1″, but as of now there is not yet a “Volume 2″.  At the very least, give this CD a sample listening.



MouseWorld Radio

So maybe you’ve played the above CDs to exhaustion. Or, maybe you want some more music from the parks that can’t be found on the CDs, well, then MouseWorld Radio may be your solution! MouseWorld Radio has multiple streaming stations of music from past and present Walt Disney World attractions. AND there are even mobile apps so that you can listen while you’re on the move. It’s an outstanding site that I often visit.

Do you have favorite Disney music that reminds you of the magic? Share your favorite music, and any favorite Disney CDs or film soundtracks below. Happy listening!

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  1. I have the second CD (The Official Album) and what is great, as said in this article, with this one is that it contains a lot of vintage music like the first version of Golden Dreams and music from Horizons… A trip to memory lane!

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