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Roberta W. grew up watching Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color on TV in the 60's. She first experienced Walt Disney World when she went there for a business conference in 2002 and has been going every year since. After staying at several of the Disney Resorts, she found that she prefers the Swan and Dolphin Resort because of it's location, ambiance and restaurants. “I'll admit that in this mid-point of my life, I enjoy the good things in life and this includes a quiet room to relax and a comfy bed.” She and Marc had their Disney Fairytale Wedding at the Poly in October 2011, with their honeymoon at the Swan. She is often asked for advice from others on trip planning by friends and co-workers. A finance professional, she lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Marc, and is Mom to 2 dogs (Jac & Zero).

My dogs names are Jac and Zero. They are Papillons. Yes, tiny dogs with a big bark. If you know the names Jac and Zero are from Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas then you are in the right place. You must excuse the spelling of Jac’s name, as Jac is – well Jac, and being a regular Jack just didn’t suit him. So Jac and Zero it is. Zero is Jac’s nephew, and 6 years his junior.


One thing I do find is that some people just don’t get the name Zero. “That’s a terrible name for a dog!” I’ve been told as well as the sarcastic “Why didn’t you name him Minus?“. When I try to explain that Zero is the ghost dog for the Pumpkin King who is actually a skeleton, it just gets worse. They just don’t get it. Disney people get it!

On Friday when I brought the boys to the Vet Clinic where they visit the Dog Groomer and checked in, one vet tech just beamed a huge smile when I said “Jac and Zero are here for their grooming,” and she said “How cute! I love it!” She gets it. She looked to be about the age of someone who grew up watching The Nightmare Before Christmas over and over, just like my son did back in the ’90’s.

Let me explain that Zero is Zero. There’s no way else to explain this little dog who charmed his way into my heart. He is would do anything for me, follows me everywhere and is very protective. Jac, on the other hand, is very independent, strong headed and he loves to be the center of attention. Are you following me so far? If you are a Nightmare Before Christmas fan, then I know you know where I’m coming from. They have the exact personalities of their Disney characters. Zero’s favorite toy is an orange ball that he carries around in his mouth most of the time and I can’t help but think he is channeling his inner Zeroself as he doesn’t have a Jack-O-Lantern nose like his Disney character so that’s how he compensates for it.
Zero plays ball
He’s got dozens of other balls, all the same except for color and it’s the orange one that he takes time and time again. He will only play with another color ball if the orange one is no where to be found. Then and only then will he pick up balls the following colors in this order: lime green, purple and blue. He won’t touch the yellow colored balls, even though they are exactly the same as the others.

I have thought about finding a Sally to complement the boys. But so far, Sally has eluded our family. Someday a redhead will find her way to our family, but wait – maybe Sally will turn out to be a”Sal?” Only time will tell.

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