Lynn W. (NDM#371) (57 Posts)

It was love at first sight for Lynn. From the first moment she stepped foot in the Magic Kingdom she knew she'd found where she was meant to be. Many trips have followed that first back in February 2008 and each trip brings new and exciting adventures with her three amazing kids and husband. Lynn is also the owner of My Pixie Dust Diary.

If a typical Saturday night consists of you grabbing a Mickey shaped cookie or crispy rice treat and snuggling up on the couch to watch the latest Disney movie or planning DVD, you might be a Neurotic Disney Person (NDP).

Those are the kind of people we love around here: the ones who know there’s magic everywhere and don’t let it just stay in the parks.  They bring it home with them and spread it to others!  If you haven’t already been counted and gotten your NDP number, hop on over to request your number today!

For those who’ve already been counted, we’d love to hear about the moment you realized you were an NDP.  For me, it was the minute we stepped onto Disney property our first visit.  I will never forget riding the monorail and seeing the castle for the very first time before even getting to the Magic Kingdom.  Watching my kid’s faces light up when we walked onto Main Street is something that will stay with me forever and at that moment I knew that wouldn’t be our only Disney trip.  Five years and about fifteen trips later, I was right.

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