While you’re hard at work, you glance anxiously over at the clock. Still hours to go before quitting time arrives. About the same time, your child peeks at the clock in their classroom quickly figuring out how many hours are left in the school day. Trying to stay busy to make the time faster, you find yourself constantly checking the time. In doing so it’s almost as time has stopped. Finally the magical time arrives for you to finish your work day and start your evening at home with the family. What has everyone been looking so forward to? Disney Movie Night of course! For days (or maybe even weeks) you’ve been planning it. From the movie to food, decorations to which pjs to wear during the show no detail is forgotten. You’ve even got everyone’s favorite Disney inspired blanket and pillow to snuggle up with during the show.

Spending time with loved ones is something that each of us does during our Disney vacations. That magical feeling can be carried on at home with a Disney Movie Night. Keep it simple or go over the top – the choice is yours! Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing some ideas for you to help you bring a little bit of pixie dust into your home. We’ll share ideas on food, decorations, activities and of course what pjs, blankets and pillows also coordinate the best with the movies.

Have you already hosted a Disney Movie Night? Be sure to leave us a comment! We’d love to hear about it. And just maybe we’ll feature it right here on the Disney Driven Life!  Be sure to tag your creations on Instagram with the #DisDrivenLife hashtag so we can follow along on all of your adventures and see your creations.  Check back every other Monday for the latest Disney Movie Night news!

2 thoughts on “Disney Inspired Movie Nights

  1. We love family movie nights! This winter in particular with it being so cold. It is nice for us all to cuddle up under our big blanket and settle in to watch a Disney movie!

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