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I am a proud husband and father of three, 2 girls & 1 boy. Disney enthusiast since first trip to WDW in 1986. I love finding new ways to pass the Disney craze on to my children and learning new and fun Disney facts. My favorite Disney World memory is the first time I let my son drive a Tomorrowland Speedway car - nonstop laughter from the both of us!

Star Wars JourneysWhile we all wait for Star Wars Episode VII, currently set to hit theaters on December 18, 2015, the franchise is already in hyperdrive promoting itself.  One clear example of this ongoing promotion has been the release of several iPad/iPhone apps geared toward Star Wars fans of old and padawans who are just beginning their journey.  Angry Birds Star Wars I & II, Star Wars Assault Team, and Star Wars Journeys: The Phantom Menace are all great apps that I will review and suggest. The titles of each game are linked to information pages about the games and how to download them for your device.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds Star Wars I – (Rovio) Everyone with a smartphone knows about Angry Birds. Since November 8, 2012 we have all been able to play the puzzle game as our favorite Star Wars hero birds. The original Angry Brids game was cute and fun but the ability to channel the force to defeat the sith pigs made it impossible to put down.

Angry Birds Star Wars II – (Rovio) Like in the movies if the first is a hit a sequel is inevitable and just like the Empire Strikes Back was a hit so is Angry Birds Star Wars II.  In this edition you are able to play on the bird side or the pig side making this two games in one and allowing us all to play out your own dark side.


Star Wars Assault Team (Disney)-  One of the more recent games to be released the Assault team app allows players to put together their own always changing team of heroes to battle enemies and other online players.  In this strategy game you start out as Han Solo trying to complete missions along the way to build your team.  This game is fun to play and not too difficult.  While some will say this game does not separate itself from other card based turn by turn games the ability to play as the most recognizable Star Wars characters and earn new cards and team members by completing missions is good enough for me.

Assault Team

Star Wars Journeys: The Phantom Menace -(iTunes) The most recent Star Wars app released is the first in a series of scheduled apps that will reference all of the Star Wars episodes.  The app has three different sections to go through: Story Experience, Podracing and Profiles.  This app is a lot of fun and promises a lot to come for the future apps to be released in the series.

Journeys Phantom Menace

The Story Experience is geared to promote reading skills by using a narrator, ‘Clones Wars’ voice actor James Arnold Taylor, to re-tell The Phantom Menace Story.  The story includes all new art work and is accompanied by text that auto-scrolls with the narrator as he tells the story.  Another new feature is a 180 degree ‘parallax’ view which allows the reader to pan the artwork to find hidden animations and sound bites.

Podracing is a lot of fun and where most will find themself spending time.  Each player is given Anakin Skywalker and his podracer to start the game.  New podracers and modifications can be purchased using in-game points.  There are several different tracks available to race all with different skill levels.  There are single race options and my favorite a tournament race option. In the tournament you race back to back on different tracks while the game keeps track of your score.  The better you do the more points you receive giving you the opportunity to unlock new tournaments.

The Profiles section is exactly what you would expect.  An area to find information on Phantom Manace characters.  This area is to some extent a reward area as characters have to be unlocked by finding pieces in The Story Experience and podracing.


Have you tried these apps yet? What are your thoughts?

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  1. My current Star Wars app addiction is Tiny Death Star. The Emperor and Vader need to raise funds to build a Death Star. Instead of getting a job, they decide to rent space. You are tasked with building levels, hiring “Bitizens” to work in the shops, completing missions assigned to you by Vader or the Emperor, and finding the occasional Rebel spy. The whole thing has a wonderful 8-bit feel to it and is rich enough (hundreds of levels to build) that it can keep you occupied for weeks, if not months.

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