Spider Man Infinity Release3

As expected Disney Infinity has found more ways to push Marvel at E3, Electronic Entertainment Expo.  In a continued effort by Disney to reach young/teen boys Disney Infinity announced the Spider-Man play set and for the first time the ability to cross characters from one set to another.  Figures from The Avengers and Spider-Man will be able to cross sets.  Unfortunately, figures from older sets will not be able to cross over into the Spider-Man Infinity 2.0 Play Set.

Other new developments will benefit new and old characters.  Improved skill trees and increased level caps were two of the more exciting announcements for Infinity 2.0 that will benefit all characters.  Continue to be on the lookout for more exciting news as it appears Disney Infinity has listened to its players and giving them the changes they want.

While most of the talk from Disney at E3 continues to be all about Marvel. Don’t worry, Classic Disney will be well represented on the new power discs.  Dark Wing Duck, Main Street Electrical Parade, Miss Piggy, Simba, and Maleficent will each have at least one disc. In May @DisneyInfinity also leaked Maleficent and Merida will be joining the Infinity family this fall.


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