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I am a proud husband and father of three, 2 girls & 1 boy. Disney enthusiast since first trip to WDW in 1986. I love finding new ways to pass the Disney craze on to my children and learning new and fun Disney facts. My favorite Disney World memory is the first time I let my son drive a Tomorrowland Speedway car - nonstop laughter from the both of us!

What is a NDP? According to our own FAQ page, “if your lifestyle revolves around incorporating the Disney brand into all aspects of your life,” then you are leading a Disney Driven Life.  Now, thanks to Disney Research Science at Play and researchers from NC State and Carnegie Mellon University watching football can be included in the qualification list for people living a Disney Driven Life.

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Okay, maybe that is a stretch but maybe the FAQ should include “If you get overly excited when learning that Disney Research on Magnetoquasistatic Position and Orientation Tracking technology will improve football you are leading a Disney Driven Life.”  Either way, the next time a touchdown is questioned, I will know the outcome of the call will be decided by Mickey Mouse and forced to make sure everyone else does, too. Then followed up by the need to watch Goofy – How to Play Football.

“From the first cartoon with fully synchronized sound (1928). The first full-color cartoon (1932). The first animated feature film (1937). The first modern theme park (1955). Walt Disney started a legacy focused on innovation and technology leadership.  Disney continues to honor Walt Disney’s legacy by researching novel technologies and deploying them on a global scale through Disney Research.” – taken from


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