Have you seen this video? I could not have stumbled upon this video at a more appropriate time! As I was writing this post to introduce our newest series, Sharing Saturdays, someone posted this to Facebook. Perfect timing. These dads do their day-to-day with their adorable children, not realizing the grip “Frozen” has on all of our hearts. Watch how they get to their “a-ha” moment…

These dads finally realize what we NDPs have known for quite some time. Disney flows through our blood. At the Disney Driven Life, we understand that “need” to have hidden Mickeys throughout our home. We painstakingly create countdown calendars until our next pilgrimage to the motherland. Some of us even go the distance & move to be closer to the Mouse. But just what is it that makes YOU an NDP? You know – that one special thing you have done that your non-Disney friends & family(gasp – I know, deep breath) just don’t get….


We want to know! And we want to showcase your NDP style here on our newest series, Sharing Saturdays! That’s right. Maybe you have a great Disney-inspired experience, a Disney fan site, an awesome Pinterest board or Instagram account? Share your story – share your experience – share your Disney Side with other NDPs.

Email NDM130 (Maria) and tell us all about it. Be sure to include your name, NDP#(don’t worry if you forgot it- we can look it up) & your story. Feel free to include pictures & links. Sharing Saturdays will start June 21, 2014  – so be sure to watch for NDP stories, too!

And, for the dads that created this video, Ryan O’Quinn & Todd Wilkerson, we’d love to count you in our community of  Neurotic Disney Dads!!

What do you think?

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