I am always on the hunt for cool jewelry to show my Disney Side. I like decent quality jewelry but I tend to find either things that are very kiddish or pieces that will last a whole week. I have some amazing pieces right from the parks and cruise line but they are pricey so I have to limit my indulgence. Therefore, what is a girl to do, you ask? I turned to Etsy. I was slow to the Etsy craze, but once I discover it you can’t hold me back.

I have one shop I found a while back The Jewelry Girls Place.

The Jewelry Girls

The Jewelry Girls

They make custom jewelry with their own twist. They have a very nice selection of both Disney and non-Disney. I tend to gravitate to the Disney pieces. I have ordered a few pieces from them over the last few months. I have their Mickey infinity ring and bracelet, the super small mickey stud earrings and another pair over earrings that are carved. I have all of these in silver and I am eyeing the engraved band next.  I have not been disappointed with any of my transactions. Then a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a cute little store called 1ofAkinds.



She makes the most unique wire pieces of jewelry that will compliment any outfit. I have the several of her rings already and I love them all. So far my favorite is the closed back Mickey and the wire wrapped Minnie. Both of these shops create fun Disney inspired jewelry that can be worn daily. I also have to give both of these shops for AMAZING customer service and really making sure you are happy with their creations.

iphone case castleThe next thing that I can’t help buying are phone cases. I have an iPhone 5s but started this obsession way back with my first android. It is nice because multiple phones models can be found. I always feel my phone is a part of my personality partly because it is never far from my hand. (I may need a small problem I know). What I like about this is the mash-up cases you can find. I recently found Elsa holding a Minion and Belle running towards the Tardis (Dr. Who for the non-geeks). I was also able to get a custom case made with a picture of Cinderella’s Castle with my twitter name below in Walt script. When it comes to cases I find this is more hit or miss. The quality can be different across the different stores this is true but what I find more frustrating is the same case being sold for radically different prices. I think because this can be a little more cookie cutter than the jewelry so it is to your advantage to use that search function and do your research.

The final Disney find for me lately on Etsy are dog collars and leashes. We are getting a new puppy in a few weeks (named Minnie) and I am actively now searching for some fun new Disney bling for her as well. I will let you know how that goes still in the search mode for this one.

Shh don’t tell anyone but I may need a 12 step program.

What fun Disney things have you found on Etsy?

I used images directly from the Etsy sites because these designers had such good pictures of their great pieces.



What do you think?

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